Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Implements Legal Files

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office has successfully implemented Legal Files, the namesake system provided by Legal Files Software Inc., resulting in enhanced document and case management. The software licensing, training services and project management for the Florida agency were provided by Legal Files Software, Inc.

Prior to the implementation, the agency used a network/shared drive, Excel and other spreadsheets to organize the type of cases they handle, such as litigation, asset forfeiture, public records violations and employment actions. However, the office lacked the necessary tools to electronically manage and track cases and files, and automate document management.

Jennifer Rogers, the general counsel for the sheriff’s office, recommended Legal Files to the sheriff’s office, having used it while at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Legal Files is a leader in providing legal case and matter management solutions to government agencies.

“We are thrilled to have successfully implemented Legal Files Software and are seeing great benefits in our document management and case management capabilities,” said Rogers. “The software has allowed us to streamline our operations and improve our overall capabilities.”

Rogers reported that the sheriff’s office is using many of the software’s features, such as built-in document management, automated workflows, file retention, calendaring, tasks, and file notes to manage their cases more efficiently.

About Legal Files Software Inc.
Legal Files Software Inc. has been providing case and matter management software to legal professionals in government agencies, corporate legal departments, and law firms since 1990. The company offers its software and related services to legal professionals in managing their cases and matters more efficiently.