University of Rhode Island’s Office of the General Counsel Boosts Efficiency with Legal Files Software

The University of Rhode Island’s Office of the General Counsel has improved its operational efficiency through the implementation of Legal Files Software.

Previously, the office relied on time-consuming manual processes. Legal Files Software was adopted to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency.

Legal Files Software serves as a versatile tool for the General Counsel’s office, assisting in various aspects, including long-term reporting, event tracking, workload management, communication with university department heads and external counsel, as well as document version control for contract reviews, general advice matters and university-related cases.

The implementation of Legal Files at the university involved collaboration between the General Counsel’s team and liaisons from the IT department. Each team member received personalized training, and university contacts were seamlessly integrated into the software, ensuring a smooth transition.

About University of Rhode Island’s Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel at the University of Rhode Island provides legal advice and support to ensure compliance, protect the institution’s interests and facilitate informed decision-making.

About Legal Files Software

Legal Files Software is a cutting-edge solution that empowers legal departments and firms to streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration and improve overall efficiency. With a comprehensive set of features tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals, Legal Files enables organizations to effectively manage their caseloads, documents, communication and reporting.