Corporate Management Software

Discover more about the best corporate management software. Use Legal Files inc and unlock huge benefits at your business. Check out our free demo on-site. Our corporate management software enables your business to achieve more. If you are looking for the best corporate management tools so that you can enjoy improved efficiency and productivity at your business, Legal Files Inc will not disappoint. Secure, scalable, and comprehensive, it has everything your company needs.

Boost operational efficiency with corporate management software

Our corporate management software has helped many businesses to grow and increase their profit margin. The benefits include the following:

  • Enable your team to work together efficiently thanks to collaborative features
  • Find any file with ease thanks
  • On-premise or in the cloud; various deployment options available
  • Keep everything organized so you don’t miss any critical deadlines
  • Scalable and flexible; adapts to your needs
  • Make sure your email inbox is organized
  • Easy to integrate; no big learning curve
  • Automate your operations to unlock higher efficiency levels
  • Extensive document assembly features
  • All you need is an Internet connection; access from anywhere
  • You no longer need to rely on expensive and complicated technology




Features of the Corporate Management Software

Simply contact us for more information about our corporate management software. If you would like to discover more about our leading corporate management software, all you need to do is give us a call today for more information about this product. You can also try out the demo on our website.


Next-Generation Benefits

From easily customizing the platform to managing expenses to accessing your dashboard wherever you are, Legal Files is there to support your day every step of the way.

Expanses with case management system
Track all your claims.

Keep track of claims and have nearly instant access to all the necessary details: date and place of the loss, policy limits & reserves, filing information and more.

cloud based case management software
Multiple deployment options to meet your needs.

Host your data on premises or in the Cloud, whichever works best for your office.

contract manager software list
Set your own rules.

Build workflows, assign tasks, set deadlines or send emails at any stage of a case.

Legal Files relieves stress of contract management
Improve client relationships.

ontacts are stored in one centralized location, making sure everyone has access to the most current information. Easily determine relationships and involvements with any case.

types of legal software
Stay current with Manage My Day.

Your own customized dashboard with reminders, messages, alerts and more.

legal database software
Track all your items.

Keep track of the details of any item (vehicles, dwellings, etc.) involved with a claim; an invaluable feature with subrogrations.

Case Management Software for Investigators
Create a pleadings index automatically.

Easily track dates, deadlines, responses and what method of service was used.

Matter Management for Corporate
Document management features make access a breeze.

Centralize your document store. Create your desired folder structure. Easily search for and retrieve any document you’ve created or attached to a file.

student case management
Extensive document assembly features make your day easier.

Quickly create new documents by tapping into  the document assembly feature.

case management for government
No need to rely on IT.

Non-technical tools empower key staff to meet current and future requirements.

Case Management for Advocates
Build a more powerful organization.

Reporting features work across different locations. And, our Enterprise solution provides the flexibility needed to use corporate resources with minimal effort and still function as an independent entity.

legal documentation software
Manage that email mess!

Save emails and attachments to your case. Keep your inbox uncluttered. Make future retrieval a breeze.


University of Connecticut Kim Benoit, Assistant to the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police
“We are incredibly impressed with the flexibility and customization capabilities that Legal Files offers.”
Thrivent Financial Alayne P. Russom, Senior Paralegal
“With Legal Files, I have confidence that Legal Holds are being properly tracked.”
Suzuki Motor USA, LLC Jerry K. Hashimura, Department Manager
“Legal Files makes it so much easier to find information.”

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