Investigation Case Management

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Investigation Case Management

Providing significant technological advantages to investigators, Legal Files increases efficiency by helping users leverage accumulated knowledge across different investigations, departments and locations.

Legal Files for investigation case management is user friendly, flexible and reliable software. Backed by outstanding in-house customer support, Legal Files provides the tools you need to operate more efficiently, improve collaboration, and keep your cases moving forward.


Legal Software Features


Legal Software Benefits

For investigators, Legal Files helps you quickly capture data and easily access and retrieve key information about case investigations, provides the built-in tools to enable you to generate high-quality client and stakeholder reports, and reduce the time you spend on routine, administrative functions.

From an organizational standpoint, Legal Files provides an integrated database with full search capability, enabling you to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure a high level of service. Legal Files improves your ability to securely share matter and case information across the organization, and improves management’s ability to monitor, assess and report on the organization’s activities.

Customize easily.

You can tailor windows or menus for different offices and locations or different types of cases. Because you determine the look and the language that are meaningful to your office, your custom windows contain the exact information you want. And, it’s easy. Designed for non-technical people, no programming ability is required with Legal Files.

Open cases in a snap.

If you deal with similar types of cases on a regular basis, Legal Files makes it a snap to create similar files without having to retype the same information. You create templates, controlling how files are created and helping you to open files even faster. Just choose the file type and the file template that determines the look and feel of the file menu. Plus you also can relate parties to a file, assign users and their roles to the file, create teams, define the file setup, and enter file facts and more— all from one place, all at one time.

Rely on Manage My Day to keep you current.

Offering an expanded day-at-a-glance view, Manage My Day includes a list of recently accessed cases and your day’s calendar and to-do’s. You may click on any listed item to view the update window for that item, or open a file case directly from the recently accessed case list. A powerful feature of Manage My Day is the automatic notification system, which is called Heads Up. Heads Up messaging automatically notifies users of nine different kinds of items on one screen so important information yet to be resolved is quickly brought to your attention.

One of the application’s most notable features is the integration with Microsoft Office. Email, contacts, appointments, documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be saved to a case in Legal Files directly from the MS Office application.

Everything you need, whenever you need it.

Legal Files offers efficient and secure access for remote users, providing anytime/anywhere access to your Legal Files data. Whether you’re at home or the road, you have total access to your data. All your contacts, calendar appointments, tasks/to-do’s and email reside in Legal Files. Read, reply or forward email without leaving Legal Files. Save email to a file within Legal Files, and you have one place where all case related email is stored. You have access to fully functioning calendars, documents, email, notes, mail logs, phone logs, time slips and to-do’s. Legal Files Software Inc. also offers an optional iPad® and iPhone® app.

Track your time — automatically or manually.

Set a timer to automatically begin recording time when a file is opened or start and stop whenever you choose, maintaining an accurate record of your hours within the file. If you forget to set the timer or need to re-create your time slips, don’t worry. At the end of the day — or whenever you need to — view Legal Files’ activity log, showing you how long you’ve spent in each file and what you’ve accomplished.

Know the status of any case.

Need to know what’s going on with a particular case? Here’s one-button access to the information you need the most, regardless of where it resides in the file. Legal Files creates a report using any information you want, including the information you want to share with others. You have the option to print, email or fax the report. Going to court or a meeting? Print the case information, toss it in your briefcase and take it with you.