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HR case management software can help with seeing the big picture

In our last blog, we talked about how HR case management software can help HR professionals become more effective professionals and more efficient in their daily tasks. However, this type of software can help with more than just the day to day. It’s also an excellent tool to help management get a comprehensive look at trends and make plans for the organization.

Although the word “legal” is in our name, Legal Files isn’t just for lawyers and paralegals. In fact, many customers rely upon our program for their HR reporting needs.

The need for HR case management software when it comes to reporting

Management and leaders in HR departments need to be able to see the big picture for their organization at a glance. Whether they’re reviewing request volumes, deciding how to optimize teams, or developing training and education programs, it all comes down to being able to capture, generate and review the relevant data.

Many organizations once used Excel spreadsheets to collect data, but they have found that it can make creating a single report a cumbersome process. In fact, some organizations have dedicated employees spend several days a month on reporting. This is hardly efficient.

Thankfully, HR legal case management software can make this part of their job much simpler and faster. The right software has built-in features for reporting, as well as offering ad hoc reporting options, management dashboards and a custom reporting option. Using the information already entered in the course of their regular work, Legal Files allows HR employees to easily pull data on any relevant topic and then utilize the reporting functions to generate insightful reports for management. Using these reports, leaders in the organization can spot trends and determine whether any problems exist. From there, they can develop training and educational programs to help with their risk management strategy.

Why is Legal Files ideal for HR case management?

One reason Legal Files is perfect for HR file management software is because it offers robust reporting features. Although attorneys and HR professionals may work with different types of information, they can use the same reporting tools. Think of it like Microsoft Office programs. People in any profession can use and benefit from them, regardless of their field.

When it comes to reporting, our customers have found that what used to take hours or days, now just takes minutes or even seconds. The time savings are incredible, and our automated reporting functionality helps minimize the risk of human error.

So, what type of reporting can Legal Files handle as an HR contract management software? Any HR need that can be imagined, including employee relations, labor relations, compliance and EEO. All a person needs to do is to select from the numerous reporting offerings, clicking a few buttons to create customized reports. From there, they can review the data to make informed business decisions and identify potential issues before they escalate.

Clearly, the reporting feature in Legal Files is just as useful as the software’s features that help with daily HR tasks. If you’d like to know more about how Legal Files can meet your needs for HR case management software, let’s talk.