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Selecting Case Management

The right case management software can save legal aid organizations time and money

Legal aid organizations exist for the sole purpose of providing legal services to individuals who can’t afford legal representation as well as vulnerable populations, including children, survivors of domestic violence, and inmates. Although these organizations are working to achieve noble goals, they often face many challenges.

In addition to a lack of funding and resources, legal aid organizations also face challenges related to organization. These groups struggle to manage the constant influx of clients and meet strict reporting requirements set forth by national and local governing bodies. To manage the chaos, legal aid organizations often try a number of organizational methods, including Excel spreadsheets, law office software, and hosted online services. However, since legal aid organizations have unique needs, these methods don’t make the cut.

Legal Files Software offers legal aid case management software that provides an effective and economical alternative to other methods that legal aid organizations often use to manage reporting, client intake, and case management softwares.

Legal Files Software can handle reporting and client intake

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Senior Consultant, “When legal aid organizations pick Legal Files they’re getting so much value in a program that they can use to manage their client intake and handle complex reporting requirements.”

To determine whether a potential client is eligible for legal services, legal aid organizations need to ask a series of questions about the client’s socio-economic status and background. Tracking these answers to determine eligibility can be challenging without the right tools. Luckily, Legal Files Software can easily be customized to handle client intake for legal aid organizations.

As for reporting, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) has national reporting requirements for some legal aid organizations. There are also a number of local reporting requirements. Not only do legal aid organizations need to do reporting for compliance purposes, they also need to do it for fundraising. According to Matt, “Legal Files Software is a tool for case management for government and a tool for fundraising.”

“Legal Files Software can help organizations show how many people their organization has reached. Most case management software can’t report on outreach activity, because it’s not considered legal activity. However, Legal Files Software can track this activity easily. Just describe what you need and Legal Files Software can handle it,” Matt said.

Legal Files Software is committed to helping legal aid organizations

The team at Legal Files Software believes in the good work that legal aid organizations are performing in our communities every day, and we are committed to providing effective case management software to these groups.

Seeing the difference that Legal Files Software makes for legal aid organizations inspires team members like Matt. “A lot of legal aid clients tried something else before that didn’t work. It’s terrible that they had to struggle with ineffective solutions in the past, but it’s so rewarding to see the difference that Legal Files Software can make for these organizations.”