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Taking a look at more benefits of law practice management software

All professionals, no matter what they do for a living, require the right tools to get the job done. Attorneys, paralegals and legal support staff are no different. They need tools such as software to help them stay organized and accomplish their daily tasks. Among these tools, legal practice management software is one of the most important.

No one likes to spend money needlessly; however, law practice management software is a big investment in your future productivity and success. As we discussed in part one of this series, this type of software offers a wealth of benefits to improve organization, efficiency and communication within your office. That’s not all this software offers, though.

The team at Legal Files Law Manager Software is using part two of this blog series to explore three more game-changing benefits of law practice management software, including integration with existing programs and systems, report automation and ongoing support for your ever-evolving needs.

Benefit four – Integration with existing programs and systems

All legal practitioners who are considering a law practice management software program such as Legal Files likely have some software in place at their offices. They may already have an accounting program or a document management system (DMS). At the very least, they have an email program that they use every day. Although advocate practice management software can replace some tools, the good programs offer integration, so you can continue to leverage your existing technology investment.

For example, there’s no need to change your email system when you implement Legal Files. Not only is it the way you communicate with coworkers, clients and opposing counsel, it’s also likely home to your calendar and your contacts. The thought of navigating back and forth between multiple systems is a nightmare, but you don’t have to worry.

Legal Files provides seamless, two-way integration with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes and GroupWise, four of the most popular email programs in the legal profession. This means that you can continue using the calendar in your email program and, because of Legal Files’ integration, that same information is reflected within your law practice software, without duplicate data entry.

The same situation exists if you have an existing DMS. If you’re happy with your document management system, Legal Files can integrate with it to ensure that every document you need is in one centralized and easy-to-find location, within a specific case or file in your law practice software. If you don’t have an existing DMS you like, Legal Files can help in a different way by offering its own built-in, comprehensive document management system.

Our clients are always impressed by the level of integration our software offers. According to Danny Talbot at Talbot Law Group, Legal Files is the firm’s “all-in-one” legal case management system. “I use Legal Files and I have pretty much all I need right there—whether it’s my calendar, documents, contacts or e-mail,” he says.

Benefit five – Report automation

Although each legal practice is different, all of them need to generate certain reports, including reports that show information about trends in case types and reveal workflow bottlenecks.

Reports are clearly important, but the majority of us view reporting as an exhausting chore. Not only can it be tiresome, it can also be incredibly time-consuming without the right tools. In fact, at some law firms, one or more employees may have to dedicate multiple days each month to reporting. That’s a lot of time to waste on something that can easily be automated with the proper tool.

Legal Files provides such a tool with comprehensive and user-friendly report automation. A task that was once a headache is now a simple process that provides valuable insight that can improve the functioning of the law firm.

Benefit six – Training and ongoing support

Law practice management software is only beneficial to your office if you know how to use it. Without the proper instruction and training, you and your coworkers will be unable to use that new program that’s full of promise. However, once you receive training, you can uncover numerous ways that the software can make your office more organized and efficient. In a sense, training and support allow you to reap all of the other benefits we’ve discussed in this two-part series.

While training creates a strong foundation for litigation practice management software, ongoing support maintains it. With Legal Files, our experienced and knowledgeable team members are available to answer questions, provide support and offer additional training beyond the initial sessions. In fact, our customers can schedule training on new features and advanced functions at any time.

A wealth of benefits come together in one product

All the benefits we explored in this two-part blog series show how law practice management software can revolutionize the way your office runs. You and your coworkers can enhance organization, efficiency and communication within the workplace, thanks to the software’s integration with other programs, report automation and support services.