As a browser based application, Legal Files can be accessed from any office or location using any desktop, tablet or laptop computer running Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10 or higher.  To provide greater mobile access, Legal Files Software, Inc. offers an optional app for the iPad® and iPhone®.  Benefits include:

From the User’s Home Page:

  • Easily access key data from your Legal Files database—anywhere—via your iPad® and iPhone®
  • Opens directly to your unique home page
  • View urgent notifications (via Legal Files’ HeadsUp, our comprehensive inbox)
  • View:
    • Recently accessed files/matters
    • Name Cards/contacts
    • Documents
    • Calendars
    • Email
    • To-do’s/tasks
  • Search for files/matters
  • Search for Name Cards/contacts

From the File’s Home Page:

  • View and search the file’s
    • Calendar
    • Documents
    • Emails
    • To-do’s/tasks
    • Notes
  • View
    • File contacts (file related people)
    • File details/setup (including file status history, assigned users and file managers)
    • File facts
    • File-level custom windows

Plus, you can

  • Launch an email
  • Create a contact
  • Make a phone call or map an address – directly from your Legal Files contact list