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Find the versatile legal software your team needs

Any attorney can tell you that flexibility is key in the practice of law. Legal teams deal with different types of matters that can touch on a variety of other departments. The legal team needs to be able to keep up with these demands. Not only that, they need flexible and versatile legal software.

When a legal team reaches out to Legal Files Software, they learn that our program has the flexibility they need to manage what matters to them. It doesn’t matter whether a customer is a corporate legal department or counsel for a college or university. Legal Files is the “utility player” of the legal software world—and beyond.

What does this mean for you? Our team is going to explore what the words “flexibility” and “versatility” mean when we apply them to legal software management. We’re also going to explain how this type of program can help your department.

Versatile legal software can handle just about anything

Customers across the board are licensing Legal Files for different uses. Why? This versatile legal software can handle many different functions. For example, Legal Files can manage documents, emails and contract management with ease. At the same time, it can also track deadlines, organize matter information, keep track of parties and contacts, and generate reports.

Not only that, Legal Files can track all types of non-legal information. Attorneys know that non-legal matters can often touch on legal ones. As a result, our versatile legal software can also track HR issues, diversity matters, ethical and internal affairs concerns, as well as projects, workflows, documents (including scanned documents and audio or visual files) and email. In fact, the Legal Files team doesn’t work in a legal department, but the software is so versatile that our team uses it to manage all non-accounting business functions for the company.

Many customers feel a great sense of relief when they realize that Legal Files can meet so many needs for them. Legal teams love learning that the program can handle both legal matter management and office management. Using just one program for everything saves the team both time and money.

It’s never been easier to customize legal software

Another reason Legal Files is a valuable “utility player” is the program is user-friendly. A Legal Files user without a technical background can easily customize and mold the program to meet his or her unique needs. In fact, the only time the IT department needs to get involved is when it deploys the software. Any administrative user can handle everything else going forward.

Because the program is so user-friendly, legal and non-legal departments can mold Legal Files to meet their exact needs. Our team is often amazed by the creative and inventive uses that customers have employed. As an example, one legal aid organization modified Legal Files to keep track of more than just cases and documents. Their team relies on the program to organize all kinds of data regarding their seminars, outreach activities and special events.

Any department—legal or non-legal—that wants to improve relationship management, become more organized, communicate more efficiently, automate the routine and manage documents/email; you know, looking for that “utility player” for their team should start by looking at our versatile software.