What is the purpose of the Fraud management software

What is the purpose of the Fraud management software

There are two ways to cheat within the company: internal and external.

Internal fraud is misappropriation of property or violation of the law in which at least one employee of the organization is involved. External fraud is committed with the assistance of “third parties,” which implies an influence on employees from the outside, from “business partners.”

The purpose of the right software investigation is to notify users of fraudulent attempts promptly.

Reasons for fraud in the company:

  • the imperfection of individual laws and regulations
  • the complexity and multistage nature of financial and economic relations
  • incompetence and legal ignorance
  • negligence and excessive truthfulness of leaders
  • uncontrollability of employees.

The Security Council protects fraudsters in two directions:

  1. Fraud prevention within the company. Identifying persons prone to fraud, eliminating factors provoking the commission of illegal actions, organization of work in such a way that any violations were “insight.”
  2. The prevention of business partners’ fraudulent actions: information and analytical work with external actors, corporate intelligence, verification of partner companies and their representatives, analysis of proposed options for business relationships.The Security Council protects fraudsters in two directions:

Fraudsters have specific personality traits, thanks to which they quickly gain trust.

Justifying their actions and persuading a potential partner to take part in the upcoming scam, criminals, as a rule, use the following arguments:

  • extreme profitability;
  • quick overcoming of temporary financial difficulties in business;
  • the involvement of high-ranking officials who guarantee an early and “safe” solution to the issue;
  • providing access to confidential information and the ability to manipulate it;
  • hiding information about the financial condition of the counterparty company in case of large transaction volumes;
  • non-standard solution (“scheme”) of a complex economic problem.

Purposes of software in investigations

Investigation case management software can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the information and analytical work of investigators and on-line employees in the disclosure and investigation of crimes committed by organized groups and communities. They can be useful in solving a variety of analytical tasks, primarily with those associated with the preparation of the most intricate procedural documents of decisions on bringing as an accused, indictments, judgments on the extension of the investigation, and detention of the accused.

Purposes of software in investigations 

At present, the following main directions of development and application of computer technologies in forensic science can be distinguished:

  • computerization of the process of investigation of crimes;
  • automation of the process of research and examination;
  • registration system automation.

Fraud case management software always solves user problems by notifying or fixing.