Why Customer Support is Essential When Selecting Case Management Software

Any type of software is synonymous with customer support. Why? Because things happen. The question is when an issue comes up, how will your software provider handle it? These are essential questions to ask before selecting your software provider to ensure there are no surprises once you have chosen your partner. 

The ideal software provider not only helps you implement the software efficiently and effectively, but can also adequately support you in the days after. So, what should you be looking for when it comes to customer support and case management software? Here are a few tips for how to choose the best partner for your unique organization.  

Four Customer Support Factors to Look for When Selecting Software

Customer support is the process of solving any customer challenges and pain points quickly and efficiently via phone, email or online resources.  Customer support not only ensures a smooth user experience but also strengthens the trust and loyalty between an organization and its customers.

How well an organization manages its customer support interactions plays an instrumental part in how customers feel about the organization as a whole which can impact the brand’s reputation, customer retention and ultimately the bottom line. 

Here are four factors to consider when choosing a case management software provider: 

  1. Dedicated Customer Support Team

When it comes to customer support you want to know that your software provider will be there to help when you need them—a dedicated customer support team is essential to this requirement. If you are like most offices, a variety of topics and scenarios will require outside help and support. Your case management provider should be able to provide support for the following types of questions that are likely to arise:

  1. Everyday/How To Questions – Telephone and Email Support 
  2. Talk-Through System Maintenance Questions – Telephone and Email Support
  3. Walk-Through System Administration Questions – On-Site Technical Support 

On-site technical support is not something you will need every day, but is reserved for problems that interrupt your business operations and cannot be resolved over the phone or via a remote connection. Just the comfort of knowing this type of support is available if you need it is invaluable. 

  1. Help Desk Support 

Help Desk Support is the first point of contact for customers and employees when they need answers to technical questions or issues. Many case management software providers utilize a call center for their Help Desk Support. Yet, the ideal software provider should have its own Support Department which answers each call or email as it is received and offer proven and prompt customer service. When subcontractors are used, especially offshore subcontractors, it can create issues because of lack of expertise or language barriers. The ideal Help Desk publishes and maintains regular business hours, ensuring you with reliability and access.

Another important offering is the ability to provide online, remote support, through a user’s desktop securely via the Web with features like Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting. This enables the Help Desk team to quickly see the issues you are having and offer the right solution when you need it, no matter where you are located and without adding unnecessary expense.

  1. Training During and After Implementation 

Training is one of the most important services that a software provider can offer to support its customers. Without a dedicated training team, it will be difficult to ensure you will be properly prepared to learn and understand all that the software can and should do for you. You want an experienced training team who can help you achieve success from day one through a formal training plan that is developed and approved with the project team, with your specific end goals in mind. 

Examples of the training courses you should have access to include:

  1. System Administration Training
  2. End-User Training 
  3. Refresher Training (Annual Training)
  4. New Feature Training

Depending on your needs, you will want to be able to choose the training format that works best for your organization (on-site, online, etc.). 

Also, look for an extensive Help Library which will aid in your successful adoption and ongoing use of the software. You’ll want to access the documentation library (training manuals, build notes, etc.) whenever you need self-help instructions or reminders on how to operate system functions.

  1. Continual Software Maintenance and Enhancements 

Since no software program doesn’t have the occasional “bug,” an understanding of how your software provider will handle these types of issues when they arise is important to know before selecting a vendor partner. A best practice is to release periodic software fixes to address bugs that are discovered by staff or reported through the Help Desk. Ideally, the fixes will be pushed to all customers as part of the maintenance agreement at no additional charge. 

You’ll want to choose a provider who is continuously adding functionality to the software to provide the latest in technological advances and fulfill requests from customers. Case management software companies that value and prioritize customer feedback should be at the top of your list. When it comes to software upgrades, you’ll want to know that the provider you select will:

  1. Accept customer requests for enhancements 
  2. Route enhancement requests promptly to the product management team 
  3. Provide all enhancements in the next available release at no additional charge

Lastly, the software provider should ensure that the proper documentation and online help are available with every new release of the case management software so you can implement the new version with ease and at your convenience. 

The Importance of Support When Selecting Your Software Provider  
Whether it’s through email, phone or online help, you want to know that your software provider support team members will be there when you need them. Customer support is essential to choosing a software provider that you can trust and partner with. 

Legal Files Software, Inc. offers 30+ years of experience supporting organizations across numerous types of industries and has a dedicated customer support team in its U.S. headquarters who is dedicated to giving you the personalized support and training that you require.  

Based on our years of experience helping other organizations improve and thrive through case management software, we can help you configure a system that meets your unique needs and grows with you once it is implemented. 

Legal Files helps customers like you be successful through on-site and remote training, help desk support resources, online documentation, periodic new releases and upgrades and dedicated U.S. based customer support representatives. 

When you choose a software partner you want to know that you are valued as an individual and a unique operation, not just another number on a customer list. Legal Files provides this level of customer support and more by understanding your unique needs and doing anything possible to support you.

“The Legal Files staff has always been friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Reed, General Counsel

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