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Legal Files: Legal Case Management Software

Whatever your requirements, type of organization or geographic location, Legal Files Software, Inc. is confident that our legal case management and matter management system can deliver the best solution for your legal management needs.

Providing anytime/anywhere access, the Legal Files system is a web application licensed for use and hosted within your own environment. Legal Files is a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) system which offers extensive customization capabilities, providing both the low-cost advantage of a COTS application and the uniqueness of a custom-built solution, with the flexibility to meet current—and future—needs.

legal case managementAs our client list indicates, Legal Files is the preferred choice of discerning legal professionals. Thousands of users in corporate legal departments, law firms, university legal departments, insurance companies and government agencies at every level—federal, state, county, municipal and tribal—throughout the world and across diverse industries rely on Legal Files software to manage cases and matters, email, documents (including contracts), and contact information, as well as automate office workflow. Legal Files Software, Inc. also offers an optional module to meet your e-billing and invoice management needs.

Case Management System

Legal Files Software, Inc. has successfully implemented fully integrated solutions for 750+ installations around the world, and has been responsible for implementing legal department software/law office software for every customer from our smallest to the largest. Full-time, in-house Legal Files professionals are ready to provide the services and training to help you ensure your enterprise legal management project is completed on time and on budget. Using best practices, Legal Files’ approach to implementing the system is built on more than 20 years of experience in installing and configuring the application. Our approach is continually refined to minimize the risk and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Early in the company’s history, Legal Files Software, Inc. made a strategic decision to concentrate on legal management software, with our goal of developing the best legal software available anywhere.  As a best-of-breed solution, Legal Files provides the best fit for our clients’ specific needs; and, as a company, Legal Files Software, Inc. has become successful by sticking to what we know best.

We invite you to read through our site to learn more about using Legal Files to meet your legal case management, matter management and contract management needs.

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