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The basic matter management

Building a solid foundation for best matter management

In some ways, learning to use a matter management system is a lot like learning to play a musical instrument. This might seem like a strange statement, but it’s true. Mastering the basics of both activities leads to a strong foundation that you can build upon going forward.

To help you build a strong foundation for implementing and practicing best matter management, the team at Legal Files Software explains the importance of mastering the basics and how a strong foundation can help your legal department to make the most of legal case management software.

The basics are a solid starting point

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Basics are the best foundation. I always stress this point when I work with a new client who has selected Legal Files Software for the best matter management solution Not only do the basics provide a strong foundation, they also make it much easier to learn and implement a matter management software system in the beginning.”

Legal Files Software is a cohesive system that’s designed to help everyone in a legal department manage their documents, spreadsheets, notes, emails, contacts, reporting and reminders. However, the software does more than track and manage these important pieces of information. Legal Files Software also brings everything together, linking contacts, documents and entities to matters and files. “Bringing it all together with Legal Files Software is transformational for a legal department that is looking for a more efficient organizational system,” Matt said.

For example, the Legal Files Software team worked with a statewide government office that had no uniform system for achieving best matter management. According to Matt, “Each person in the office built their own system and way of doing things by using a combination of databases, documents, email and paper files. The office lacked a good, cohesive system to bring it all together. Implementing just the basic features of Legal Files Software revolutionized the entire office by allowing employees to work with the same files at the same time, while also providing updates.”

Building on the basics

The basics are a wonderful place to start when implementing and learning a new legal matter management system. However, for best matter management, a legal office can build on the basics to do a lot more with Legal Files Software. Legal departments can start using functions such as reporting and document assembly once they master the basics of the software.

According to Matt, “The basics are a great starting point for best matter management. The basic features fill in the gaps in a legal department’s existing software system. Learning and focusing on the basics in the beginning allows an office to take advantage of more advanced features later.”

The Legal Files Software team has extensive experience with the needs of many different types of legal practices and departments, which helps when it’s time to expand beyond the basics. “Our experience helps us tailor what each client needs to be successful. Our team members can make suggestions for which features to learn next. Clients can think of it as moving to the next phase. We help our clients build on the basics and move on after everyone feels comfortable,” Matt said.

Ultimately, clients should realize that they aren’t missing out if they start with the basics. “After mastering the basics, clients can always take Legal Files Software to the next level,” Matt said.