Being Proactive with Legal Software in 2020 – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

Business in 2020

Use legal software to move into 2020 as a more proactive and efficient department

You’ve likely heard or read, perhaps from our previous blogs, that legal case management software offers reporting features that can help your department be more effective in 2020. However, this type of software can also do much more than produce reports. It can help you streamline your workflow and see the big picture, thanks to a wealth of intuitive and user-friendly tools.

We’re going to dive into a discussion of how legal programs like Legal Files Software can help you take 2020 by storm. As part of the series, we’ll begin by talking about two specific areas where matter management can help your team, including FOIA requests and investigations.

Staying on top of FOIA requests with legal software

Attorneys and paralegals in the government sector are no strangers to FOIA requests. These requests help our democracy function, but they can also be cumbersome to respond to. However, attorney document software can help you develop a standardized process for responding.

Tracking is an important part of responding to FOIA requests. Government legal departments must document every step. For example, a federal agency must respond to a request within 20 days. Upon receiving the request, the agency must provide the requestor with the date of receipt and estimated date of completion. They must also provide a tracking number if it will take longer than 10 days to complete.

Legal Files’ tracking features can help these legal departments manage the strict deadlines and make sure the process stays on course. Because our software also offers legal document managment and robust search functions, it’s also easier to locate and retrieve the requested documents. All these features can help streamline the process and shorten the time it takes to respond.

Make investigations run smoother with the right tools

All types of legal departments need to perform investigations. Without the right tools, this process can be time-consuming. However, software allows your team to collect information for an investigation in one secure and centralized location. Specifically, Legal Files provides remote access so that you can load new information in real time. You can get vital data to all your team members quickly without any lag.

The software also provides flexibility because it can track any type of allegation, charge, complaint or investigation. It can also track everything from evidence to interviews, making sure you and your coworkers have access to every piece of data for your investigation case management software. When compared to methods like network drives and spreadsheets, legal software significantly streamlines the process.

Legal software can help you become your dream legal department in 2020

The right software can help improve not only your team’s organization and efficiency, but it also offers the ability to see every piece of the puzzle. With everything you need at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to be more proactive going into 2020. In our next blog, we’ll talk about how these tools can help practitioners in specific areas of law.