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Features of Corporate Matter Management

Benefits of and Features for Corporate Matter Management

Corporate legal departments need the right software to meet their unique needs

It’s a fact that corporate legal departments are different from your typical law firms. They focus on a wide variety of issues ranging from contracts and compliance to litigation. Additionally, they have to handle countless administrative functions. To manage all of these priorities, corporate legal departments need the right legal matter management software.

Legal Software is designed to help corporate legal departments handle their daily tasks and responsibilities with ease.

Legal Files Software supports corporate matter management and administrative tasks

Legal Files Software gives corporate legal departments the ability to manage any type of matter or activity, including advising, compliance, contracts, and litigation. This flexibility is achieved with user-friendly tools that are a part of the matter management software. These powerful tools are so easy to use that you don’t need a technical background to utilize them.

On the more administrative side, Legal Files Software offers e-billing, electronic invoicing, and vendor management to help counsel and administrative staff track internal and external resources while monitoring costs. More than matter or legal task management software, Legal Files is the premier law department software to help corporate counsel and the entire department increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Corporate counsel can use key features of Legal Files Software

The key features of Legal Files Software of interest to corporate counsel fall into three categories: (1) matter and document management, (2) calendar and task management, and (3) cost and invoice tracking.

1. Matter and Document Management: Legal Files Software provides a central location for all matter-related information. For maximum utility, the legal department software provides the ability to customize fields, menus, and screens to track the matters that are important to your organization. Legal Files Software includes other features to keep your legal department organized: some examples include task and deadline management, document management and assembly, email management, contract and vendor management, and law firm contact management.
2. Calendar and Task Management: Legal Files Software provides a group scheduler and office-wide calendars for groups and individuals. Using the software, you can also enter to-do tasks with reminders and alerts as well as delegate tasks and assignments.
3. Cost and Invoice Tracking: Legal Files Software is designed to help legal departments keep their budget and finances on track. Employees can track and report their time and internal costs using the e-billing module. You can also manage outside counsel activities with invoice management and tracking capabilities. Additionally, you can validate against billing guidelines and determine budget status.

Instead of having to piece together matter and office management solutions, Legal Files Software provides all of the features necessary to run your corporate legal department, with just one tool. Best of all, Legal Files and all of its features are available on a perpetual basis. Once you license the corporate legal management software, you can continue to use it, without paying a monthly subscription. Legal Files Software is one comprehensive tool for a reasonable cost to manage all of your corporate legal department’s needs.