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International Municipal Lawyers Association

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International Municipal Lawyers Association Mid-Year Seminar happens every April
When most people think of spring, images of blooming flowers and rain showers come to mind. However, something else happens this time of year that members of the public sector legal community should know about: the International Municipal Lawyer’s Association (IMLA) Mid-Year Seminar.

This year’s seminar takes place April 21-24 in Washington, D.C. IMLA is committed to “advancing excellence in the practice of local government law,” and the Mid-Year Seminar covers a variety of topics that fulfill this commitment.

multi-day conference focuses on current events and relevant topics in the field
The IMLA Mid-Year Seminar is designed to educate and empower employees who work in local government law. As part of this mission, the Seminar covers the basics of this area of law as well as current events and new developments impacting the legal landscape.

Each day will offer informative presentations and discussions about different topics. There will also be awards ceremonies, receptions, and networking opportunities. Here’s a quick look at some of the educational topics you can find at this year’s event.

• Friday, April 21: (1) Municipal and supervisory liability, (2) qualified immunity, (3) employment law for police and fire employees, and (4) U.S. Supreme Court update.
• Saturday, April 22: (1) Regulating public spaces, (2) reducing police and fire liability, (3) telecommunications policy, (4) Fitness for Duty exams, (5) wrongful convictions, (6) land use and environmental insurance, (7) constitutional law and crowd control, and (8) Fourth Amendment update.
• Sunday, April 23: (1) storm water utility trends, (2) tips and tricks for trial lawyers, (3) developments in municipal securities law, (4) use of force, (5) refugee resettlement, (6) P3 procurement, (7) attorney’s fees claims, (8) NextGen transportation grants, (9) religion and municipal practice, (10) sanctuary cities, (11) executive orders, (12) First Amendment and social media, and (13) transparency, cyber-theft, and individual privacy.
• Monday, April 24: (1) dealing with press and legal issues after the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, (2) case law update, and (3) defending a governmental entity.

Files Software will attend the Seminar to exhibit and answer questions about its best matter management

The IMLA Mid-Year Seminar is not only an opportunity to network and learn about the law, it is also a chance to gain more information about administrative tools that can make your legal department more organized and efficient. One of these tools is Legal Files, which offers the customization capabilities of expensive case and matter management software systems, but with the reasonable cost of an off-the-shelf solution, resulting in the best matter management solution on today’s market.

Legal Software will send some friendly and knowledgeable representatives to the event to exhibit our best matter management solution and how the right software system can improve the functioning of your office. Having worked with numerous public sector and government legal departments, the Legal Files Lawyer Management Software team is experienced in tailoring our product to meet the needs of municipal legal departments.

If you’re curious to learn more about the features and functions offered by the best matter management system and how Legal Files Software can help your office, please visit our display at the IMLA Mid-Year Seminar. We would love to meet with you and answer all your questions.