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Cutting Costs Management

Legal departments around the country are looking for ways to cut costs

As the legal profession grows more competitive, legal departments are feeling the pressure to do more with less. Some offices are reducing spending or head count, while others are targeting “soft cost savings” like focusing on increasing efficiency and productivity. However, some of the most successful legal departments have found another way by focusing on legal matter managementLegal Files Software offers a number of tools and functionalities within the Legal Files matter management application that increase organization and automation, saving legal departments both time and money.

There are many helpful tools from Legal Files Software

Legal departments without a comprehensive legal matter management system tend to piece together their own systems that consist of Excel spreadsheets, cloud storage services, and random legal document automation software that may or may not be designed for legal departments. These workplaces might think that they’re saving money by not purchasing a matter management system, but they are making their lives harder and wasting resources.

Legal Files Software is designed to be an all-in-one tool for legal matter management. In addition to serving as the central location for all matter related information (including email and scanned documents), Legal Files Software provides a number of features, including task and deadline management, a User Assignment and Reassignment Wizard, email management, legal contact management, document assembly, time tracking, and report generation.

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Legal Files Software offers so many helpful tools and functionalities in one comprehensive system. We know that our clients need to do more with less, and Legal Files Software improves organization and efficiency to help them accomplish this important goal.”

Legal professionals can use Legal Files Software to stay up-to-date on the status of matters and cases. “You can see different levels of detail, from a simple summary on the dashboard, to deeper reports,” Matt said. When combined with the tools and processes for automation, Legal Files Software is the perfect way for legal departments to save time and money.

Legal Files Software allows legal departments to share important information

In addition to increasing organization and efficiency, Legal Files Software can also keep all parties satisfied. “There are a number of people who need matter updates, including clients and outside counsel. With Legal Files Software, you can give them different levels of access to data, allowing them to see only what they need to see,” said Matt.

In many cases, a client or outside counsel will only need to see certain information about a matter. Setting specific access levels (insert link to collaboration blog post) in Legal Files Software allows these parties to access the information they need to see, while protecting the rest of the information in the legal matter management system. “It’s the perfect combination of security and convenience,” Matt said

According to Matt, “Legal Files Software makes it easy to do more with less. Once you start using the system’s automation and process management, your office begins to save time, resulting in cost savings.”