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Management Enterprise Solution

All organizations have specific and general needs that vary by department

In a sense, organizations are living things. They’re always growing, evolving and bustling with activity. Each department within an organization shares some features with other departments, but also has its own distinct needs. For legal organizations, this can make buying government case management software a challenge.

Legal Files Software offers matter management that’s an enterprise solution, which means that it serves the needs of all departments within an organization.

The beauty of an enterprise solution

With Legal Files Software, you have the option to deploy the program using enterprise. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “For the organization as a whole, you might want to approach things in a different manner or isolate information due to your processes, conflict issues or legal issues. We have created a view to segment your single database with different sites that you can think of as rooms or segments. Departments see everything they need and nothing they don’t.”

For example, the Attorney General is the law firm for its state or region. Within that organization, many groups work on different types of cases, sometimes dozens of them. Different employees and departments within the Attorney General don’t always share information because the data may need to remain confidential. As a result, employees in the tax department shouldn’t see information from the consumer segment. However, the Attorney General needs to use the same tool to track and report on information, allowing a supervisor to see the big picture. “Legal Files Software offers matter management that provides the big picture, while keeping case level information more limited, protecting confidentiality,” Matt said.

As another example, staff counsel at insurance companies need to see certain information, but shouldn’t see cases managed by another office. Legal Files Software has created a smooth methodology to allow this type of collaboration and security. According to Matt, “We don’t give access to everyone. Organizations can limit access levels to individuals, groups, or the enterprise.”

Easy to manage for the non-technical person

Enterprise legal management is only useful if the employees can use it. Legal Files Software was designed for the non-technical person. “Our goal was to make it easy for people without a technical background to manage the Legal Files Software database for their office. We realize that a wonderful enterprise solution isn’t very helpful if no one can use it,” Matt said.

Legal Files Software is easy to implement and tailor to suit the specific goals and needs of your organization. “This ease and our ability to quickly deploy Legal Files Software is part of our competitive advantage in the legal matter management industry. Every day, our clients tell us when they picked Legal Files Software, they picked it for how we provide this solution. Many of them have worked with other providers that weren’t quite as user-friendly with regard to implementation and daily use,” Matt said.