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Learn more about student legal issues and legal software at NACUA Winter 2020

As an attorney or paralegal for a college or university, you encounter many unique legal situations and challenges. Your team handles standard fare like contracts and litigation. It also must deal with issues that range from diversity to student speech. To further complicate matters, you and your coworkers work with different departments, campuses and employees. Thankfully, events like NACUA (and robust legal case management software from vendors like Legal Files Software) can help you stay on top of everything.

What is the focus of the NACUA Winter 2020 Workshop?

From Jan. 30-31, legal professionals will converge on New Orleans for the NACUA Winter 2020 Workshop. The focus of this event will be on legal issues related to college and university students. Topics will include admissions, diversity, financial aid, Greek life and student speech. Thought leaders will discuss developments and trends related to balancing the needs of colleges and universities with the legal rights of students.

At this event, you can also find a wealth of legal software vendors, including Legal Files. Because purchasing in house legal matter management software is an investment, you want to do your homework. Comparison shopping allows you to learn what programs are available and which one is the best fit for your organization.

Finding the right legal software option for colleges and universities

Thinking about your college or university legal department’s needs should be your first step before selecting a best legal matter management software. Begin by thinking about the types of matters and issues you regularly encounter. Each school is different, so while talking to other institutions can be helpful, it’s critical to consider your department’s workload and legal issues.

Sitting down with your coworkers is an excellent way to learn what to look for in legal software. When you do this, you might discover processes or tools that you never knew about. For example, you might find that a paralegal is using a spreadsheet to track matters, or an attorney is relying on handwritten notes. By discovering these hidden processes, you can be better equipped to find more effective software programs for your team.

How Legal Files can help manage what matters to you

Once you know what your legal department needs, you can start exploring your legal software options at the NACUA Winter 2020 Workshop. As you do, you’ll likely notice that Legal Files stands out in the crowd. Our team is not only a veteran of NACUA conferences, we also have vast experience helping universities and colleges of all shapes and sizes find the right legal matter management for their needs. This is thanks to our affordable and customizable software that helps users stay organized and collaborate using an abundance of features.

  • Document and contract management to help you stay organized.
  • Two-way integration with email and calendars so that you never miss a thing.
  • Data tracking and reporting tools to see detailed issues and the big picture.
  • Notifications to keep you on track with assignments and due dates.

To learn more about how Legal Files can help you, be sure to visit our booth at the NACUA Winter 2020 Workshop in New Orleans, or download our online demo at any time.