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Keeping legal investigations organized is critical to success

Investigations is a broad concept, and it involves both legal and non-legal professionals. Although not everyone conducting investigations is an attorney, their work often has a bearing on important legal issues that could make or break a case. This means that it is critical to keep all of the information that is collected from an investigation organized and in one centralized location that is easily, but securely, accessible.

The right matter management software for investigations can streamline the process and help every member of the team collaborate to get the job done. Because each organization has specific needs for this type of software program, it’s important to find a solution that is flexible enough to be molded to fit these requirements.

The right legal investigations software can meet a diverse range of needs

Many types of organizations, other than legal departments and law firms, use Legal Files, a software from Legal Files Software, Inc. to stay organized and keep investigations moving forward. Why? When it comes to investigations, some people handling them are lawyers; some are not. Additionally, some investigations may already be a legal matter, some may turn into a legal matter later and others may never become something legal. Investigations, by their nature, live on the border between legal and non-legal issues.

Because investigations can touch on relevant legal issues, experts in property damage, medical malpractice, finances, commodities, accident reconstruction and insurance all use Legal Files to track evidence, exhibits, interviews and other critical pieces of information for investigations. The software is able to meet all of these clients’ diverse needs because it is flexible enough to track any type of investigation, inspection, allegation, charge, audit or complaint.

Several Legal Files clients focus on finances and securities, and perform a mix of legal and non-legal work. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange uses Legal Files Private Investigating Software to handle both investigations and legal matter management. Additionally, the Securities Division of the North Carolina Secretary of State uses the software to investigate complaints about securities fraud. Both of these sizable entities deal with a variety of issues that span a large area—and software for legal matter management and investigations helps to keep it all in order.

Licensing is another area that can benefit from flexible and effective private investigating software. Like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation uses Legal Files for legal matter management and to keep investigations running as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.

This single department must manage licensing for a number of different professions, including electricians, cosmetologists, drivers, tow truck operators and speech language pathologists, to name a few. In addition to ensuring that these professionals keep their licenses current, the department employees must also investigate any complaints against them. By using Legal Files, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is able to handle licensing, compliance and investigations—with just one piece of software. It’s a three-in-one solution.

Subject matter experts also find that Legal Files helps investigations stay on track. Warren Forensics is a forensic engineering firm that investigates accidents to determine their cause. Law firms and legal departments often hire Warren Forensics to help them prepare cases for trial. Although Warren Forensics isn’t a legal organization, attorneys need its expertise to deal with legal issues. By using a flexible software that understands the legal environment, the team at Warren Forensics can be more organized and efficient in assisting legal professionals in their cases and investigations.

Flexible enough to handle it all

During an investigative case management software, an organization needs to keep track of a wealth of information that may include evidence, exhibits, interviews, parties and contact information. Legal Files is a flexible and moldable matter management software that can track and present the information that a client needs to maintain during a legal investigation.

Whether a client is handling HIPPA or other medical violations, audits, inquiries, complaints or litigation, both investigators and lawyers can benefit from Legal Files. The corporate investigation software is flexible enough to handle the entire spectrum of what different organizations need. It can even integrate with existing systems and software that an organization is using, making the transition to the system a snap.

That’s not all that the software can do. Legal Files can handle all the steps in an investigation, including the initial complaint and intake, investigations, reporting, disciplinary action and appeal. There’s no need to rely on different programs to manage each step of the process.

Clients think of Legal Files as a knowledge base for their organization. Instead of trying to keep track of a web of spreadsheets, documents, emails and notes that come from an investigation, an organization can keep all of this information in one convenient location. This makes investigations go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

Legal Files also offers features for risk management and risk prevention. By tracking important information, the software can help organizations and legal departments spot trends. With this knowledge, both legal and non-legal employees can provide education on issues and develop employee trainings. The result is that organizations can be proactive, rather than reactive.

The risk management aspect of Legal Files can also be useful in developing public education and outreach campaigns. By looking at the data collected by the investigation case management software, organizations and legal departments can identify trends, which indicate problems and areas of need. With this information, employees can develop educational programs to help spread knowledge to prevent these problems in the future.

How to find out more about software for investigations

Industry conferences are an excellent way to meet with software providers, and learn how the right system can make investigations more efficient and organized. You can meet with representatives from Legal Files Software at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 17 to 22. This is the perfect time to get answers to all of your questions.