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The right legal software for universities can be a game-changer

Legal departments at colleges and universities have a unique challenge. They work with traditional legal matters and issues like litigation and contract management. However, their work also touches on non-legal topics in areas like athletics, diversity, HR, public safety and procurement. Not only that, these attorneys and paralegals regularly work with other departments and even other campuses at their school. It can be overwhelming to track everything without the proper legal software for universities.

One of the best ways to manage all this information is to implement effective legal software for universities. A key feature here is versatility. College and university legal departments have so much going on in different, overlapping areas that they need a tool that can keep up and keep it all moving forward.

The Legal Files Software team is here to explain some ways flexible case management software can help you manage what matters to you. We’ll also review some common questions you should consider before purchasing a new program for your legal department.

Legal software for universities can streamline the workflow for your team

Emails and reporting are two of the biggest areas that university and college legal departments need assistance managing. When your team implements Legal Files, you’ll find that you can handle these once-burdensome tasks with efficiency and ease.

  • Make sense of reporting: You aren’t alone if you’ve been using Excel as your data tracking and reporting tool. Although this program is popular, it’s not the best way to handle data tracking. For example, it’s cumbersome to update a spreadsheet if someone else already has it open. Your team may also be using different spreadsheets to track various matters, which makes it difficult to get the whole picture. With user-friendly and comprehensive reporting tools from Legal Files, you’ll find these issues are relics of the past.
  • Dig out of the emails: Do you feel like your drowning in a sea of email? This is a common issue for university and college legal departments. Not every message is something you can handle with a quick reply. Some are more involved, which is where Legal Files can help. Our legal software for universities can track and organize ongoing matters. How? The program offers two-way integration with email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google. This lets you manage emails and legal matters in one, centralized convenient location.

Questions to ask before purchasing legal software

To help you find the right legal software for universities, we recommend completing the following steps. By doing so, you and your team will know exactly what you need in a software program.

  • Find what matters to you: Each legal department is different, so you’ll want to identify the issues, matters and tasks you regularly handle. This will help you see what type of software you need to manage them.
  • Identify hidden tools and processes: Chances are that members of your team use tools or processes to get their work done that no one else knows about. Some examples may include paper calendars, handwritten notes and phone reminders. Identify these tools to learn what type of legal software features and functions can help them be more efficient.

Most importantly, you should know what’s right for you and your team. You should never acquire legal software for universities just because someone else you know has it. Before taking the plunge, you’ll want to be sure the program will be a good fit for your legal department.