Government CIO Outlook Recognizes Legal Files Software for Legal Case Management

Gov CIO Outlook

Legal Files Software Is Recognized for Superior Contract and Legal Case Management

Government CIO Outlook lists the top 10 companies for government contract management software

Contracts and case information are a part of everyday life for government agencies, so it’s important to manage these documents in an organized manner. However, all too often, contracts and case documents are stored in physical filing cabinets or maintained by an ineffective digital filing system that only one or two people in the office understand. This inefficiency wastes time and money. However, there are companies offering solutions for municipal contract management and legal case management.

Every year, Government CIO Outlook compiles a list of the top 10 companies that are positively impacting the marketplace by providing top-notch government technology solutions. It will come as no surprise to our customers that Legal Files Software is among the prestigious companies on the list for 2017.

There are hundreds of case management systems, but only a few can make the top 10

Implementing an effective contract management or legal case management system has a number of benefits, including increased response time, fewer errors, more efficient searching, and improved organization.

As more government agencies and legal departments seek out better ways to manage cases, matters, and contracts, more legal management systems have appeared on the market. There are hundreds of providers that all offer slightly different solutions. The landscape can be overwhelming for someone who is trying to find the right system for their office.

Government CIO Outlook makes the search easier by selecting “the best vendors that are at the forefront of offering promising solutions.” A panel of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the publication’s editorial board worked together to select the “Top 10 Government Contracting Technology Solution Providers-2017.” The panel recognized Legal Files Software for its contract and legal case management on this year’s list.

Government CIO Outlook praises Legal Files Software

Legal Files Software provides legal case/matter management and federal contract management software for a wide variety of organizations, including government agencies and corporate legal departments. Government CIO Outlook stressed that the software “offers the configuration capabilities of an expensive custom-built solution with the reasonable cost of a commercial, off-the-shelf product.” John Kanoski, CEO of Legal Files Software added, “Legal Files is versatile enough for complicated governmental legal matter management, yet remains uncomplicated enough to help clients handle daily administrative tasks easily.”

Affordability, ease of use, and versatility are just a few of the benefits of Legal Files Software. The government software solutions also provides “efficient and secure access for remote users while functioning on multiple platforms.” Legal Files Software also gives customers options. The legal matter management system “can be hosted within the agency’s own environment or by a third-party hosting vendor of the agency’s choosing.”

Legal Files Software features the ability to fit into various technical environments and manage any type of legal matter, case, contract, and even non-legal projects and issues. Once implemented, a public sector legal office or corporate legal department can use the legal department software to manage contracts, documents, email, notes, calendars, and events from one convenient digital location.

Legal Files Software is easier to implement than many other systems, because the company offers excellent service and expertise assistance, from installation to user training. According to Government CIO Outlook, “This makes the process go smoother and faster than most agencies expect, and is what drives the success of Legal Files at all levels in the government technology market.”

You can read more about why Legal Files Software made Government CIO Outlook’s list of the “Top 10 Government Contracting Technology Solution Providers-2017” here.