Here’s How and Why We’ve Personalized Training

Corporate Counsel says Legal Files matter management is a valuable tool

Every business is different in size, process and culture. We understand this completely, because we’ve also built a company that’s like no other. Our clients have their own technical environments, servers, data sources and other elements of their business that they need to protect. We provide software solutions to all of our clients, paying close attention to their expectations and then creating a personalized training plan in order to meet them all explicitly.

We have a full-time on-site team of software experts trained and ready to deal with the complex issues that our clientele encounter. Our training department is available by email for questions and issues, at, to help users with varying levels of familiarity with the software. We also employ a team of full-time staff so that we can better serve our clients in their time of need, instead of sending them to a third-party service.

Here’s some of the different personalized training services we offer to make our clientele’s lives much easier:

We have several training courses geared towards covering every aspect of our in-depth case and matter management software. These trainings begin with the standard Introduction to Legal Files course, which continues into the Intermediate Features of Legal Files course up to the Advanced Legal Files Concepts training course. Throughout the beginning, intermediate and advanced courses users will learn:

– Basic functions of Legal Files, including creation and updating of name cards, hot print and reporting features.
– Groupware Fundamentals.
– Alternative methods of name card creation and files.
– Advanced query techniques.
– Document creation, modification and management skills.
– Mass mailing.
– Human resource and account managing skillsets.

Aside from these three standard courses, we have other specialized courses that don’t fit into those three categories.
Intro & Advanced Document Assembly Classes – Learn how to create and modify document templates and learn how to manage tokens, data sources and workflow wizards related to the process.

Specific Features Trainings – These trainings are designed by the customer, and could include document templates, unique user preferences, security preferences, menu templates, customized windows, specialized task wizards and much more.

New Features Training – We regularly upgrade and update our software. When we innovate new features into our software, we hold trainings to accommodate our customers to the new features.

Crystal Reports and Data Model Training – Trainees will learn about creation and use of formulas in Crystal Files. They will also be familiarized with the Legal Files database structure, and tips and tricks for writing reports with Crystal Reports. They will also learn about report design, layout and formatting as well as sorting and summarizing reports.

Training for Trainers and Administrators — Individuals taking part in this course will learn how to teach the features of Legal Files to different parts of their own organization. They will learn how to create lists, menus, templates and other customizable features. They will learn how to create new users and groups, as well as how to implement Legal Files into a new office.

Have any more questions about training and the positive outcomes you can achieve through Legal Files? Contact our help desk today by email at or by phone at (217) 726-6400.