How Is Our Legal Matter Management Software Different?

what different with others

Legal Files Software isn’t like other legal matter management programs

If you’re looking for legal matter management software, you know that there is a seemingly endless sea of options. Every program makes big promises, but not all of them can deliver. You need the right one to make your legal department or law office more efficient and organized. Only the right software can help you manage what matters to you.

When you look at Legal Files Software, you’ll see that our product offers many advantages and features that other software systems lack. From a wealth of standard reports and management dashboards, to the ability to access everything you need, no matter where you are, Legal Files Software can make it easier for you to do your job.

Tons of options for standard reports, calendar views and management dashboards

Legal Files Software’s interface is impressive—and demonstrates how much easier true legal matter management software can make the lives of attorneys, paralegals, and legal staff.

Although many people outside of the legal profession don’t realize it, accurate reporting is vital to the success of legal departments and law offices. It is also how legal professionals ensure that they are staying in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern their area of practice.

In the past, and even today, many legal departments piece together reporting systems with multiple Word documents and numerous Excel spreadsheets. Consequently,  departmental employees dread running reports, as the process can take several days each month. But with matter management software from Legal Files Software, this process is a breeze. We offer 90 standard reports, as well as custom reports for customer with unique needs.

Getting everyone in a legal department together for a meeting can sometimes feel like herding cats. Some employees may manage their calendar using a digital tool, while others may still rely on a paper calendar. The result is that it is impossible to know when everyone is free to meet.

Our legal matter management software solves this common workplace dilemma with ease by providing 10 different calendar views, including team, group and individual. You can see what each member of your team is doing and when they are doing it. You can also add events and meetings to their calendars. It’s never been easier to stay organized and bring everyone together.

Speaking of staying organized, our team designed Legal Files Software to increase organization and efficiency among legal professionals. That’s why our legal matter management offers more than 25 management dashboards, which allow supervisors to get a “big picture” view more quickly. It’s never been easier to get the information you want when you want it.

The ability to access data—anytime, anywhere

We live in a digital world and our workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile. Our team knows that people don’t want to be tethered to their work computer at all times, and that workers sometimes need to access case or matter data after-hours and from different locations.

To accommodate a more-mobile workforce, our legal matter management software supports computer, tablet and mobile access. This allows users to access their data in Legal Files Software from any location, at any time. The software even integrates with four popular email providers, including Outlook, Gmail, IBM Notes and GroupWise.

Whether an attorney needs to access case notes from the courtroom, or a paralegal needs to quickly check on a matter some evening at home, Legal Files Software makes it possible.

A database with a limitless capacity for storage and users

The possibilities with Legal Files Software are almost limitless. New clients are always excited to learn that our legal matter management imposes no limit on the number of users or the amount of information they can manage and store. As long as your server is big enough, our software can handle it.

Being able to store an unlimited amount of information allows you to keep historical data and stay in statutory compliance. It’s also helpful for reporting and management needs because you can get access to everything you need—at any time and for any reason.

Many of our customers had a legal case management system before they chose Legal Files Software. They may have stored their documents on a server, used Google Docs to take notes and relied on an Outlook calendar to warn of deadlines. With Legal Files Software, all of this information can live in one convenient location, no matter what type of data it is. The result is a much more streamlined and efficient legal department or law office.

Easy to use and customize for every user

Our team realizes that legal matter management software isn’t very helpful if it’s too difficult to use. That’s why Legal Files Software is easy to use and customize for the average, non-technical user. We provide training and ongoing support so that your IT department doesn’t have to be involved in the daily management of the software. This frees up IT to do other projects, and it is empowering for business users to do it all on their own.

All of these features come together for our clients

When we meet with new clients and start training them on Legal Files Software, we often hear, “Wow! It can really do all that?” The answer is yes, it can. We provide our clients with a flexible and comprehensive legal matter management product to make their lives easier and more organized. We also provide the initial and ongoing training and support to help them master it and make it their own.

This is why 80% of our customers have been with Legal Files Software for five years or more. We create lasting partnerships with our clients, and we are proud to have a product that can continue to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.