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Implementing Management Software

It’s important to select the right software

 Although legal departments share some similarities, each one is unique. Each department has its own needs, processes and procedures that are important to keep in mind when selecting legal matter management software. Although a one-size-fits-all solution might seem more cost-effective, it actually ends up costing time and money, because the legal department didn’t get the right software to meet its needs. Legal Files Software offers the best of both worlds. With the price point of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, it features the versatility of a custom solution. Our team works with clients to identify wants and needs to design the right software for them.

 Implementing matter management software is like building a house

 According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “When I do a kick-off call with a client, I use the custom-built house analogy. Legal Files Software is highly customizable software that’s designed to meet a legal department’s unique needs.” There are multiple steps involved in implementing Legal Files Software. The first step is planning. “Think of Legal Files Software as your house. Before we build your house, we need to think about what type of house you need. Before we do anything, we take time to talk about your needs, to ensure that we correctly customize the system for you,” says Matt.

This stage is known as requirements gathering. Legal Files Software asks what you do now and how you do it. This information helps our team determine how to manage what matters to your legal department. According to Matt, “We work in many different areas, but we want each client’s implementation to result in a solution that meets their needs. We give suggestions based on our experience, but our clients ultimately determine what they need.” After gathering information, the next step is designing the matter management system. There are many standard modules in Legal Files Software that you can customize to fit your legal department. “We compare this stage to the design phase of home building. For example, everyone who builds a house wants a kitchen, but homeowners get to customize their paint, appliances and fixtures,” says Matt.

In keeping with the home design analogy, Legal Files Software can even build “new rooms” that no one has ever had before. “If you need a specific tool for your legal department, we probably can create it,” says Matt. “We can even create with room for expansion. We create your system in a way that allows you to use, update and expand it.”

The final stage is training and utilization

 According to Matt, “After your custom-built home is finished, you move in. It’s the same after your matter management system is created.” Moving into Legal Files Software involves training and utilizing the system as a part of daily operations. “We want our clients to love their new home in Legal Files Software, so our goal is to help them create exactly what they need and then train them to use the features and functionalities, allowing them to hit the ground running with their new matter management system,” says Matt.