Integrating Your Legal Software with Microsoft Outlook is a Huge Win for You

Emails, matters, contacts and calendars are essential components to your life as a legal professional. So, how do you manage these critical elements on a daily basis to supercharge your time and productivity?

Many legal professionals are looking for a way to get a matter-centric view in their daily work, and the reality is that it is hard to do without the right tools. A dedicated software solution is essential, serving as a centralized hub for storing your emails, matters, contacts, calendars and other matter-related data. This empowers you to effortlessly monitor updates and engage in real-time collaboration with your team members.

How One Company Went From Overflowing With Data to Organized  

Global Excel Management, Inc., a worldwide premium medical cost containment company, was able to do this and more after turning to legal case management software

“The growth of our organization led to an increasing number of legal matters,” General Counsel Paul Reed said. “We needed a centralized system for keeping records, managing workload and sharing knowledge.” 

Reed partnered with the information systems team to research and compare various software solutions ultimately selecting Legal Files as their preferred legal case management software.

One of the key factors that swayed Global Excel to choose Legal Files as its legal case management software provider was its seamless integration capability with their existing programs, including Microsoft Outlook.

The Importance of Integration for All Your Critical Communications 

With the number of legal matters the company was managing, Global Excel needed a way to do more with less. The Legal Files +  Microsoft Office Integration offered them just that and more through a single location to store all critical matters and documents. Global Excel team members no longer have to search multiple databases for emails or documents. This seamless functionality saves team members valuable time spent searching for documents and emails so they can now focus their attention on more important matter-related issues. 

“Since we also use Legal Files as a filing system for all legal matters, the seamless integration between Legal Files and Outlook is crucial,” Reed said. 

Here’s a look at how the Legal Files + Microsoft Outlook integration works: 

  1. When an email comes in, you have the option to simply click a button that saves the email to the Legal Files case or matter of your choosing. 
  2. The Legal Files matter management system automatically copies the message (with attachments) to the file you selected. 
  3. You can save numerous data types into Legal Files directly from Microsoft Outlook including:
    • Email
    • Contacts
    • Appointments
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations
    • Documents 
    • Scanned images
    • Video and audio files

Legal Files integrates with Office, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint as well as Adobe Acrobat and other PDF applications. “The Microsoft Outlook and Office integration is huge for our team,” Reed said. 

How the Right Tools Lead to Better Productivity and Results   

Another Legal Files feature the Global Excel team relies on heavily is the ability to conduct an advanced search within the Legal Files application. This feature allows the team to filter list views (by matters, name cards/contact records, documents, to-dos/tasks, etc.) according to specified search criteria. 

“Legal Files’ built-in advanced search windows are very useful in day-to-day operations. It makes finding emails and documents very easy—even when the user doesn’t remember where they were filed,” Reed said. 

To simplify matter management even more, Global Excel can transfer files and documents from their desktop to Legal Files through a special feature called a Drop Zone. The Drop Zone resides within the Outlook window and can be used for quickly dropping files and documents by simply dragging them into the zone and selecting how they should be categorized and referenced within the matter management system. This takes place within seconds, ensuring that legal professionals remain organized and focused, ultimately enhancing their readiness for legal related tasks.  

A Trusted Partner to Lean on for Implementation and Support 

Global Excel has not only counted on Legal Files for its software but also for its extensive industry knowledge. Throughout the implementation phase, Legal Files provided valuable training to equip the company’s staff, both administrators and end users, to quickly and effectively utilize the software

Legal Files is highly customizable with built-in, non-technical configuration tools. Therefore, each implementation is unique, resulting in a customized solution for Global Excel that met their specific desires and needs. 

“It was a joint effort between a Legal Files in-house expert, a member of our legal team and a member of our information systems team. We performed the initial customization and configuration based on our unique workflows and intended usage,” Reed said. 

The Global Excel team can rest assured that it will be supported for the foreseeable future. “The Legal Files staff has always been friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. They are a pleasure to work with,” Reed said.  

A Single Source for All Your Trusted Matters and More

The reality is that organized legal professionals are more productive and efficient than those who aren’t using the latest organizational technology. And Legal Files is here to help you do more with less. If you find yourself in a similar situation like Global Excel and are looking for a better way to manage your legal matters, then legal case management software is the tool for you. It’s time to say goodbye to siloed systems and manual, outdated processes that no longer serve you.

With Legal Files Software, you can consolidate all your contacts, emails, file progress and documents into a manageable, collaborative repository that gives you a 360-degree view of your cases/matters and more—including automated workflows, calendar and deadline management, alerts, robust document assembly, mobile access as well as team management and outside counsel management tools.  Legal Files provides limitless potential to meet your requirements with its software, accommodating an unlimited number of cases, matters, documents and users.
As a partner in the implementation process, Legal Files Software, Inc. offers 30+ years of experience supporting organizations across numerous types of industries. Expertise is offered by full-time, professional team members who are committed to your success. Based on our years of experience helping other organizations improve and thrive through legal software, we can help you configure a system that meets your unique needs.

“It’s all about supporting the overall mission of the company and ours is to transform and simplify access to quality healthcare for people, payers and providers worldwide. Legal Files helps support this mission and our growth by providing a reliable and user-friendly legal case management system that is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of our growing organization.”

Paul Reed, General Counsel

Global Excel Management, Inc.

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