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Staying on track with legal case management for immigration

Immigration is a broad, and timely, topic that affects many different organizations differently. For example, one law firm might deal exclusively with immigration cases to help bring families together who have been separated by borders and oceans. Another legal department within  a university that admits students or a business that hires staff from other countries.

Clearly, legal professionals who deal with immigration issues can be broken up into two categories:

  1. Ones that focus on immigration, such as law firms and legal aid
  2. Ones that handle immigration as part of their work, such as businesses and universities

While these types of legal professionals are somewhat different in their focuses, they also deal with many of the same issues. Given these similarities and differences, how do you find the right legal case management for immigration?

Legal Files Software is well-known for being a flexible legal case and legal matter management solution. It’s not a one-size-fits-all software. It’s  a moldable software for immigration attorneys which allows our customers to make it their own.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Legal Files can help attorneys and paralegals be more efficient and organized in their immigration work. It doesn’t matter whether immigration is the focus or just part of the business, Legal Files can help  law offices, legal aid offices, corporations and universities manage what matters to them.

How legal case management for immigration helps law firms and legal aid

To start this discussion, we’ll first look at legal professionals who focus entirely or mostly on immigration issues. These include law firms and legal aid organizations that handle immigration cases for clients.

Every day, these organizations deal with many letters and forms that are detailed and ever-changing. Many different variables determine a person’s immigration status, and these legal professionals need to track each one of these critical factors. Speaking of tracking,  attorneys and paralegals who focus on immigration law need to track many strict deadlines for filing and responses. These deadlines provide little room for error. In fact, missing one of them could delay or prevent a client from coming to the United States or becoming a citizen.

When the stakes are this high and so much is going on, you need to have law firm case management with the tools necessary for immigration to keep everything straight. Legal Files is just the system to help you do it. Legal Files isn’t specifically designed for immigration law, or any other specific practice; that’s its strength.  It is flexible enough to handle everything you could need when practicing law in this area. Because the immigration case tracking software is moldable, you can easily tailor it to the needs of your practice. You can also adapt it as your needs change or if you focus on other areas of law.

Another benefit of using Legal Files case matter management for immigration law is its ability to track cases and communication in a cohesive manner. The software provides seamless, two-way integration with popular email programs, so you can save and access the emails and attachments you need. You can also easily track of deadlines, appointments, documents, contacts and parties, including clients and agency contacts. Managing what matters to you and your clients has never been easier.

Legal case management for immigration also helps universities and businesses

Another group of legal professionals that can benefit from Legal Files includes businesses, organizations and universities that deal with immigration issues as part of their work. This applies when universities are recruiting and working with international students, faculty or staff. It’s relevant when businesses are hiring employees internationally. It can even apply when professionals like public defenders are representing a client from another country.

In these situations, the legal team needs to track information about visa types and employment statuses. It also needs to track decisions, meet filing deadlines and determine eligibility. This can be a complex process that is difficult to organize without help from a robust legal case management system that can manage immigration. It’s this flexibility that  is built into Legal Files that makes it mission critical for legal professionals who face these legal issues, just as it is useful for law firms and legal aid organizations that deal with immigration issues.

While hiring employees from other countries is different than admitting international students, legal professionals who deal with these issues need to track similar things. Legal Files is flexible enough that you can modify the corporate legal software to meet your unique needs. You and your team—without any technical or programming ability—can set up different windows and screens for your unique needs.

It’s also possible to use the software’s robust reporting feature to generate many different types of reports. For example, you can run a report that focuses on various types of information. This might include age, gender, country of origin, immigration status and type of petition. With these reports, you can easily get a comprehensive look at the immigration issues you’re handling, identify trends and spot problem areas quickly, early and at any time.

Working with Legal Files to keep a handle on immigration issues

Immigration law is a complex field. Although legal professionals in this field often deal with similar issues, no two practices or organizations are the same. Each one has different clients and needs, as well as different procedures and rules they must follow. Legal Files isn’t here to change the practice of immigration law. Instead, we have designed our software to help you—whatever your needs or requirements—to do it better.

This process looks different for each of our customers, especially because our software is flexible.  If you were to see Legal Files screens and menus in several different offices, you would immediately notice that each one is unique. This is because our user-friendly interface enables our customers to modify what they see and how they see it in the software—without paying the price for a custom-built solution.

As a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) system, Legal Files allows you to make these  changes without help from IT professionals, but our experienced team members work as partner on your own project team to  provide any help and support you may need as you make Legal Files your own. When you buy Legal Files to serve as your legal case management for immigration and immigration law software, you gain a powerful tool and a helpful team to guide you.