With Legal Files’ Integration Capabilities, It’s Easy Work with Other Software

One of the reasons many organizations are hesitant to introduce a new case and matter management software system is fear of invalidating other programs they may find exceptionally useful, efficient and easy to grasp.  Not only are office staff already fully trained in using these systems, they also represent a large financial investment, and not one that companies would like to set aside because a new program that does not possess the ability to integrate.

Legal Files understands that we are unlikely to be the only legal matter management software system relied-upon by a corporate legal department or the only case management software relied upon by a law firm.  Consequently, we are continually updating our application to include the capacity to integrate with many other popular and frequently-used programs.  We have partnered with many software developers to ensure that our customers’ programs, including Legal Files, can “play nice” with each other.

Some of our Strategic Partners include:

  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
  • eManage Africa
  • IBM
  • CompuLaw Vision SQL rules engine
  • Autonomy iManage 3rd-party document management system
  • Juris
  • LiveNote Stream
  • GroupWise email and diary scheduling
  • RevQ automated collections scheduling
  • Worldox
  • IBM Lotus Notes, versions 6.5 and 7
  • IPro Tech litigation support
  • Provantage®
  • S. Court Forms


Legal File’s ability to integrate with so many programs, combined with its flexibility in use and non-technical user configuration make it an excellent choice for law firms, universities, insurance agencies, corporate legal departments and other settings.  For a full list of programs that integrate with Legal Files or questions about a specific software, ask a Legal Files representative.  We are always happy to answer any questions our current or prospective clients may have regarding our powerful, innovative case and legal matter management system!