Legal Files for Law Firms

Our name may belie it, but Legal Files software is fully customizable to the needs of many different types of organizations, from universities to government bodies, to various corporate entities – not just law firms. That said, more than 30 years ago we got our start developing our case management software in a working legal environment, giving us our name and our first client base, as well as providing us with hands-on testing in a real-world setting that helped us develop the product our customers love today.

While we’ve since expanded to become the choice case and matter management software of organizations and offices, to this day we continue to provide an innovative solution to firms around the globe.

So what can Legal Files do for a law firm?

Have files at your fingertips.

Not only does Legal Files enable fast, easy access to verified users, but it also makes the process of creating new, similar files extremely simple, with no need to retype the same information. File management is fully configurable; you can easily relate parties to a file, assign users along with their role in the files or create teams, and store and retrieve email messages – all from one, centralized location.

Assemble and manage documents with ease.

Legal Files offers a built-in, comprehensive document assembly and document management system to seamlessly integrate operations.  Standard documents will never again need to be totally recreated or stored separately from all your other case information.  Legal Files enables users to create a template once and use it repeatedly, generating a new document. Just merge a template with data already contained in the file, and within seconds you have saved time and improved your office’s productivity.

Automate Tasks and To-Do’s.

Human error can have tremendous consequences, especially in a legal environment where one small error can result in missed deadlines and malpractice concerns. With Legal Files, law firms can use a tickler system that follows the rules you’ve established for tasks and assignments. Triggers can be sent to notify users about status changes made to a case, generate  to-do’s, notify all team members that a case has been closed or opened, and other events.

Legal Files offers much, much more by way of case management, user management and collaborative and communication features.  You can find out more by calling or visiting Legal Files for Law Firms.