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Collaboration Tool

Collaboration increases efficiency in a legal department

Everyone knows that offices are more efficient and organized when employees and other relevant parties are communicating and working together. This is especially true in legal departments where there are multiple matters, projects, and priorities that need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Without the right organizational tools, attorneys and their support staff can find their offices plunged into chaos.

Legal Files Software offers legal matter management with collaboration tools that can keep your legal department running smoothly.

Communication is key in the legal profession

There are multiple people involved with each legal matter, including, at various times, clients, outside counsel, opposing counsel, and in-house attorneys and support staff. All of these individuals have information that is pertinent to a legal matter, so it’s important to find a way for these parties to communicate and share information.

Legal Files Software is more than just a legal matter management system, it is also a collaboration tool that allows a department to seamlessly communicate and work with clients and outside counsel. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “You can create different types of access within Legal Files Software and allow others to upload relevant emails and documents, as well as enter data on related matters. There’s no more emailing documents back and forth.”

The ability to create specific types of access is part of the collaboration tool’s effectiveness. “Clients and outside counsel only see what you let them see. You can create an environment that gives them full or limited access to documents or set the permission to read-only. The security and access levels are entirely up to you,” Matt said.

Legal Files Software can serve as a contract depository

Contracts are an important part of life in some legal departments, especially in a corporate legal department. “Many of our clients work with contracts day in and day out. It can be overwhelming to manage so many of these documents, but Legal Files Software simplifies the process by serving as both a contract management software and a contract depository. It’s safe and secure contract storage that is easily accessible to the parties who need to see the information,” said Matt.

The collaborative aspect of Legal Files Software is also helpful for offices that have contract reviewers or other professionals who need to review contracts. According to Matt, “A lot of our customers have contract reviewers or marketing and sales people who need to see a contract before they can move forward with their work. Legal Files Software allows our clients to provide these individuals with great service and quick access to documents with no lag time.”

Before using Legal Files Software, many of our clients were using third party or cloud services to save and store their contracts, but the legal matter management and collaboration tool from Legal Files Software serves as an all-in-one, virtual, collaborative space. “Our clients love that they can use just one tool for everything,” Matt said.

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