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Document Assembly

Legal Matter Management with Document Assembly

Document assembly can save time and increase productivity

Creating documents is a part of daily life in a law office. Attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries spend a sizeable amount of time writing briefs, letters, memos, and pleadings – but there are so many other tasks that legal professionals could spend their time on.

With the document assembly feature of Legal Files Software, you can develop automated legal documents and forms in a fraction of the time that it takes you to write something from scratch. No more reinventing the wheel. You can use your time and effort in more productive ways.

Legal Files Software makes document generation easy and efficient

There are several types of legal document assembly software and programs that can help with legal document generation, but Legal Files Software is unique. Unlike the competition, which cannot function without if/then logic, Legal Files Software is a direct merge of data and information.

According Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Legal Files Software offers templates that take the legal documents and forms that you use over and over again to create entirely new documents. Once you merge the documents and information, you can change the fields as you see fit. It’s a combination of convenience and customization.”

Speaking of convenience, the document assembly feature that is included with Legal Files Software doesn’t require any additional purchase, unlike other programs that are on the market. “We realize that our clients are budget-conscious. They don’t want to buy multiple programs when one can do the job, , so we offer one that allows them to hit the ground running with document generation,” said Matt.

Document assembly time drops when clients start using Legal Files Software

“Using the document assembly feature of Legal Files Software simplifies the process of creating documents,” said Matt. For example, many legal departments receive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Although each request is different, they require law offices to follow the same procedures and produce the same documents. Instead of creating something new each time, Legal Files Software can create consistent documents for FOIA requests in about a minute.

According to Matt, “Once people start using document generation, they cut their document assembly time by 70%. Ultimately, they start using this feature for all of the documents, forms, and letters in their office.”

Legal Files Software isn’t limited to a specific type of document

The legal software space is filled with industry-specific document generation products. “There are specific programs for creating documents like wills and contracts, but the document generation feature of Legal Files Software is much more versatile. It can do it all,” said Matt.

Instead of having to buy separate programs to generate different types of documents, your office can use just one program, one that also provides superior matter and law office management. According to Matt, “Clients love that everything is built into the attorney document management software.”

The document assembly feature of Legal Files Software is a great way to save time and money in an increasingly competitive legal market that forces legal professionals to do more with less.