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Training as a Service

Training as a Service for Legal Matter Management


A legal matter management system is only useful if you know how to use it

Does this sound familiar? You buy a new product or service because you think that it will make your life easier, only to get it and realize that you don’t know how to use it. It happens all the time in life, but it shouldn’t happen when you buy a legal matter management system. However, many providers of these systems don’t require or even offer training. It makes you wonder how you’re supposed to learn how to use your new product. Sure, it’s possible to learn by “just diving in,” but this method can cause your productivity, and sometimes your work product, to suffer as you learn the new system. There’s also the option of doing online tutorials, but these alone aren’t enough to help you become proficient in a new software system. You need a combination of online and in-person training to make the most of your investment.

Legal Files Software offers training to help you maximize your investment

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Senior Consultant, “At Legal Files, we believe that showing someone how to use our product is the key to success.” As a result, Legal Files Software requires training when a customer purchases our legal matter management system. “We want our clients to be successful, and trying to train yourself often results in failure,” said Matt. The goal of training is to establish competency with basic skills. For over two decades, the Legal Files Software approach to training has included a mix of online training and in-person, hands-on training that is tailored to the needs of the organization. We also provide follow up training to make sure that our customers really understand how to use Legal Files Software and everything that it has to offer. You can think of training as an investment. “By giving your employees training, you see a larger return on investment much sooner,” said Matt. There are countless examples of employees who have spoken to Matt after their training sessions and said, “I feel like I can really use this system now.” According to Matt, “They didn’t have this confidence with other systems and products.”

Legal Files Software is easy to learn and there are lots of features to explore

“It’s not hard to learn Legal Files Software, but it’s so customizable that there’s a lot to learn,” said Matt. Employees want to be effective in their jobs, so they are hungry for training. Luckily, Legal Files Software is so user friendly and a little bit of training goes a long way. The team at Legal Files Software believes that training is an ongoing need for organizations. As a result, we offer training every time a new feature is introduced and we also provide training for new hires when an organization hires someone who will be using our legal matter management system. Training allows users to hit the ground running with Legal Files Software, and it’s worth the extra time and effort to secure your investment