Legal Software Training Is The Key to Success – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

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Most people don’t enjoy the thought of sitting through a training session. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is the latest legal developments or how to use your new legal software, the idea is seldom exciting. However, everyone understands that training is necessary to learn new skills and information. Thankfully, legal software training doesn’t have to be boring.

Legal Files Software knows that there’s nothing more boring than listening to someone read from a training manual or having to watch a corny video. Our team also realizes that these forms of training are not as effective as more engaging methods. It’s with this knowledge that we have created our legal software training programs. In this first blog, we’ll discuss how our training is unique, while the next one will cover why it matters.

Each training program with Legal Files is unique to the customer

The most important fact to know about our training is that it is individualized for each customer. We will never pretend that legal counsel for a college has the same needs as a corporate legal department. For this reason, we are a proponent of live training that is tailored to each organization and how it works. We do this for every customer. Sometimes this even involves creating different trainings for a customer’s different departments or locations that will be using the program.

Our team will start by helping you customize and mold your software to meet your needs. From there, we will work with you to create a personalized legal software training program that will allow you to become confident and successful in using the software. This process not only involves asking you questions, it also requires our implementation specialists to use their knowledge of best practices and how similar customers and how they utilize Legal Files. The result is a customized and engaging training every time.

How legal software training works with the Legal Files team

Once we’ve created the training program, the real work can begin. Our team will use demonstrations to show how Legal Files works and how it can help your department. We also incorporate hands-on training and explanations to allow you and your coworkers to gain basic competency skills.

For the best results, our training applies a scaffolding approach. This means that we start with classroom training to establish baseline knowledge. From there, we begin delivering more individualized training, including helping you find ways to customize Legal Files to your unique operations and answering any questions.

We also like customers to know that Legal Files doesn’t have “trainers” on our team. Instead, we hire and train business analysts and implementation specialists. They know how our legal case management software programs works and how to explain it to your legal department. Also, they can provide in-depth information about using the software in practice.

Our user-friendly software and innovative approach to training has allowed thousands of users to become more organized and efficient. Find out how Legal Files can help your organization.