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Clutter-Free Desk

Many legal departments are overwhelmed by too much paper

Although workplaces are seeing a push to go paperless, many legal departments find themselves buried under mountains of paper. All of this paperwork can turn desks from productive work stations into disorganized piles of clutter. This type of arrangement cuts down on productivity and increases stress levels.

The solution to the ongoing paper problem for legal departments is an effective matter management system. Legal Files Software can take mountains of paperwork and transform it into an organized database of pertinent information, making your office more organized and efficient.

A clutter-free desk can be a reality

Some attorneys pride themselves on a messy desk, thinking that it demonstrates their creative mind or ability to tackle an enormous amount of work. However, other attorneys are proud to show off their clutter-free desks. Clutter-free desks allow legal professionals to stay focused and organized, which benefits the organization and its clients. An organized desk is also beneficial for the environment, because it often involves going paperless.

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “Having a desk that’s free of paper and clutter might seem like an elusive goal in a busy legal department, but it’s more possible than you might think with law matter management from Legal Files Software.”

With Legal Files Software, you can keep all relevant case documents, contact information and research in one convenient digital location. “There’s no need to keep stacks of files on your desk once you implement our matter management system. As a result, there’s no more losing paper files,” says Matt.

Even if you want to keep physical copies of files, Legal Files Software can help keep things organized. “You can have a digital copy of a file for daily use, while keeping the physical copy in storage. Even if your legal department doesn’t go completely paperless, you’ll have much less paper after you implement Legal Files Software,” says Matt.

Investing in a desktop scanner can make all the difference

Legal Files Software contributes to a paperless office in many ways. Your legal department no longer needs to print papers, instead you can save them online. As physical papers come into the department, you can use a desktop scanner to add them to the matter management system.

According to Matt, “At Legal Files Software, we recommend that our clients invest in a desktop scanner. They can scan paper mail and documents, allowing them to review the documents online and email them to the parties who need to see them. It’s so much easier than printing and physically mailing or faxing documents.”

A desktop scanner can also help attorneys and paralegals who like to write notes by hand. “They can write their notes by hand, and then scan and upload them to the phone log or attorney notes in Legal Files Software. As an added eco-friendly benefit, attorneys and paralegals can then shred and recycle the notes. Legal Files Software is the best solution for legal departments, their clients and the environment,” says Matt.