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NACUA and Legal Files provide support for attorneys at universities and colleges

It isn’t easy to be an attorney or paralegal in higher education. After all, working in the legal department of a university or college comes with a distinct set of challenges. For starters, legal professionals handle some traditional legal issues, such as contracts and litigation. At the same time, they also face unique topics, including athletics, diversity and fundraising. These legal professionals also work with different departments and individuals on one or more campuses.

For some, this variety and diversity can be overwhelming. However, the right knowledge and tools can make a huge difference. This is where legal file management from Legal Files Software and education from the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) come into play.

The 2019 NACUA Annual Conference allows university and college attorneys and legal professionals to come together for four days of networking and education. Attendees can attend a wealth of seminars and sessions. They can also meet with the Legal Files team to learn how our software can help organize and streamline the practice of law in higher education institutions.

What is the NACUA Annual Conference?

The NACUA Annual Conference provides an opportunity for legal professionals at universities and colleges to come together to discuss ongoing and emerging issues in this area. The conference provides education sessions and networking events to help attorneys and paralegals learn new ways to excel at their job.

The 2019 NACUA Annual Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado, from June 23-26.

The conference organizers are proud to have Dean Erwin Chemerinksy provide a Supreme Court update as part of the Welcome and Opening Plenary.

Conference attendees can expect the following benefits at this year’s event:

  • More than 90 educational sessions with nine topic tracks
  • Opportunities for networking and events for new members
  • The ability to access conference materials online and in real time
  • A chance to earn CLE credits at the conference

The discussions and sessions offered at the conference cover a wide range of topics vital to university and college attorneys. For example, the conference offers sessions that are tailored to specific institutions, including religious and church-related institutions and historically black colleges. Attendees can also learn about topics such as the legalities of study abroad opportunities and handling allegations of sexual misconduct.

How Legal Files helps university legal departments find the right system

When you attend the 2019 NACUA Annual Conference, take a moment to visit the Legal Files table. This is our ninth time exhibiting at the Annual Conference, and we also support other NACUA conferences, including the biannual General Counsel Institute. Our team has a wealth of experience helping university and college legal departments find the right software for them.

Before you select a legal case management system, you should consider the issues and matters your legal department handles on a regular basis. Every school is different, so while talking to another institution did with its system might be helpful, it may be more beneficial to talk to your team members to find all the relevant legal issues encountered by your college or university.

Talking to your team members has another benefit. It can help you learn how they complete their work. In some cases, they might use processes or tools that no one else knows about. One attorney might use password-protected files and a spreadsheet that tracks matters and correspondence. A paralegal might rely on handwritten calendars and notes to stay organized. Identifying these tools and processes can help you figure out what type of legal file management system your department needs.

What Legal Files can offer a university legal department

Once you’ve identified your needs as a university or college legal department, you can start looking at legal file management systems. As you begin your search, you’ll find that Legal Files has a unique advantage. It allows your team to more effectively and efficiently handle email and the data spreadsheets contain.

  • Many professionals rely on Excel, but it’s not the ideal tool for data tracking. For example, you can’t update a spreadsheet when someone else has it open. You may also find that different spreadsheets track different matters. This can make it almost impossible to get the complete picture. Legal Files offers user-friendly and comprehensive reporting tools that eliminate this problem.
  • University and college legal departments are often overwhelmed by emails. Your team may be able to answer some of them with a quick reply, but others are more involved. You need a way to track and organize these ongoing matters. Legal Files provides two-way integration with popular email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google, which allows you to keep and retrieve your email along with all other legal file information  in one place.

Our collaborative, multi-user system can solve these and many more problems in a university legal department. Legal Files can handle data, documents and contracts, emails and reporting. It’s the best way to get a complete, real-time picture with only a few mouse clicks.

Questions to ask legal file management providers at the NACUA Annual Conference

When you visit Legal Files and other providers at the NACUA Annual Conference, you’ll want to ask questions to help you find the right system. Basically, you want to know whether you’ll be purchasing a system that is flexible enough to handle all your daily tasks and needs.

  • Is the system flexible enough to handle everything from general advice to litigation?
  • Can the system automatically transform a file from general advice to litigation, if the situation changes?
  • Does the system ensure that files maintain an accurate record of events, email, documents, etc. in one location?

Ultimately, you want a flexible product because it provides the best, long-term value. It will allow your system to evolve and grow as your policies and needs change. Many university legal departments find that Legal Files is the right tool for this task. Just ask some of our customers:

  • Boston University
  • Clemson University
  • State University of New York-SUNY
  • Texas A & M University
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Manitoba
  • Villanova University

Be sure to visit the Legal Files team at the 2019 NACUA Annual Conference to learn how our software can help you manage what matters to your university or college legal department.