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New Matter Management Features Driven by Client Feedback. The client knows best

 The best products are ones that are influenced by client feedback. After all, who knows how to improve a product better than the clients who use it every day? In the case of best matter management software, clients know what they need the software to do to help their legal department be more efficient and organized. When Legal Files Software makes a change or an update to our matter management software, our team always takes client feedback into account. This commitment to listening and learning from clients has helped turn Legal Files Software into the comprehensive and collaborative legal matter management solution that it is today.

Helping clients do their job – better

Every software program, including Legal Files Software, is designed to help users do what they do – better. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “We aren’t here to change the practice of law, we just want to make it more efficient and organized for our clients.” To accomplish this goal, the Legal Files Software team looks to its clients for feedback on how to improve and enhance the software. “We regularly request client feedback and distribute surveys to collect information about how Legal Files Software is working for clients and find out if they would like to see any changes or additions to the matter management software,” Matt said. “We also keep track of the information and insights that our team gains from client updates and requests.”

Legal Files Software today includes the same core features as the original matter management software, but new features and enhancement have been added to make it more user-friendly, more powerful, and to leverage other technologies. “Our team adds functionality with every new release and many of these changes come directly from client feedback. For example, Legal Files Software integrates with Microsoft Office. A client can open a document stored in Legal Files Software directly from Microsoft Word. It makes it easier for clients to do their work,” Matt said Clients help the team at Legal Files Software hone in on how to improve the product. According to Matt, “Legal Files Software is a customer-driven solution. Clients are buying more than a software, they’re gaining a partner who has the same goal of improving efficiency.”

Constantly growing and changing

According to Matt, “Legal Files Software is always evolving, and the changes are driven by client feedback and needs.” In fact, Legal Files Software is preparing to launch a new version of the matter management software, which will be discussed in future blog posts. “I can’t give you any of the details now, but all of the new features are based on feedback from multiple sources. All of the credit goes to our clients. The entire team is so excited. We can’t wait to bring these updates to our clients,” Matt said. Sometimes it can take time to implement changes in Legal Files Software because technology needs to catch up to the great ideas from our clients.  “Our team keeps a running list of ideas from clients and we implement these ideas as soon as technology allows us to,” Matt said.