City of Lenexa Picks Legal Files Software to Implement Electronic Case Management System for City’s Legal Department

“With Legal Files, we will be able to report on all that data easily and quickly.”

Looking to implement a data reporting tool, tickler system and repository for all its legal matter related documents and emails, the City of Lenexa has contracted with leading legal software developer Legal Files Software, Inc. to provide its software to the legal department.

The department, which represents the city and its officials along with numerous other responsibilities, was “intrigued by the capabilities Legal Files Software could offer the city,” Assistant City Attorney Sean L. McLaughlin said.

“Our work includes a wide variety of general matters, matters related to agreements, TIF projects, CID projects, code changes, charter ordinances, policy changes, bonds, land acquisitions, leases, etc.,” McLaughlin said. “With Legal Files, we will be able to report on all that data easily and quickly. It will give us a tickler system that will assist us in anticipating future deadlines, planning work and reminding us of critical deadlines and other dates. Plus, we’ll end up with a centralized, electronic repository for the large number of documents and emails we handle. In that way, we can assure that everyone in the department has access to the most current information, as well as be able to save time locating and retrieving a critical document or email.”

In addition to software licensing, implementation assistance and project management, Legal Files Software, Inc. is also providing training services and maintenance and support for the new system Project implementation, involving team members from both the department and the company, has already commenced with a “live date” expected before the holidays.