Construction Company to Implement Legal Files Software for Corporate Legal and Claims Departments

“We were all impressed by the software’s ease of use, amount of information obtainable and simple layout.”

Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. has entered into a contract with Legal Software, Inc. to implement the developer’s namesake matter management solution, Legal Files, in both the company’s corporate legal and claims departments.

“We were all impressed by the software’s ease of use, amount of information obtainable and simple layout,” Rieth-Riley System Administrator Jennifer Montel said. “We needed something that was easier to use and manage; something that would provide one, single centralized database,” Montel said, adding that Legal Files’ integration with Outlook was also “a real selling point for us.”

“Legal Files will bring peace of mind, knowing that we have the right tool in place to track and manage our matters,” Robert L. Konopinski, the company’s general counsel, said. “Since we are also implementing Legal Files for our claims department, it’s extremely beneficial, both from a time and financial standpoint, that we are able to custom configure one application to meet two sets of requirements.”

Rieth-Riley has licensed the Enterprise configuration of Legal Files which has been designed to meet the needs of organizations with multiple offices or departments, such as the legal and claims departments in Rieth-Riley’s case. Under the Enterprise Legal Management System, Legal Files is configured so that the organization has a single database containing several distinct, separate and secure “views” of the data. Each view can represent a different department, office or location.

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