County Corporation Counsel Becomes Legal Files Customer

Walworth County, Wisconsin, has chosen Legal Files Software, Inc. to provide its legal case management and matter management software to the county’s Corporation Counsel Office. The developer’s namesake application, Legal Files, is widely used by public sector agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“We were looking for a way to enhance the way we do business,” explained Dawn Nettesheim, a legal assistant in the Corporation Counsel Office. “The Legal Files system will help our people do their jobs, saving steps and make life easier.”

Corporation Counsel plans to use Legal Files case & matter management software to more efficiently manage a wide variety of legal matters from civil litigation to guardianship, mental health, and juvenile matters. Legal Files’ built-in document assembly component will be used to automate the generation of standard forms, many of which are required by the State of Wisconsin, Nettesheim said.