Legal Files Adds and Expands Collaboration and Customization Functions with Version 11.0

“Legal Files 11.0 is the strongest and most user-friendly version in our 30+ year history.”

Legal Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that its newest release, Legal Files 11.0, is the strongest and most user-friendly version in its 30+ year history.

“We are living our motto: ‘Managing what matters to you.’ We are offering you, as an office and as an individual, an abundance of ways to make your job easier. Our legal department software is providing refined upgrades and customized tools to do just that,” said CEO John Kanoski in making the announcement. “Legal Files 11.0 has many upgrades and enhancements that our users will find incredibly effective when gathering and organizing information in a more collaborative and customizable way.”

Kanoski pointed out that the company has been listening to customers’ needs and wants for improving productivity and organization, especially the unprecedented issues and challenges caused by the global pandemic, which had a significant impact on developing Legal Files 11.0.

“We’ve seen so many more agencies and companies require remote access and flexible work environments. In many instances, Legal Files became the only way to maintain the pace of workflow operations and ensure the highest level of service within customers’ teams and beyond. This only refocused the value and purpose of Legal Files not only for us, but our customers and prospective customers, as well,” Kanoski said.

“Offices using Legal Files experienced a much smoother transition to work-from-home than most,” Kanoski explained. “Legal Files is designed so that you can always work and access the information you need no matter where you are. If you have an internet connection, it’s like you never left the office. But since collaboration, and consequently customization, have become even more important, we concentrated this release on new functionality and enhancements that deliver on those needs.”

Brief highlights of the newest features and refinements include:

  • A new visual timeline calendar, providing an easy-to-read graphical roadmap of case deadlines and events
  • New infographic charts that include deeper drill-down capabilities to more detailed information
  • More options when saving documents to Legal Files from within the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), including the ability to lock/unlock documents upon creation and the addition of document routing capabilities to streamline office workflow
  • Multiple improvements to the system’s Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Expansion of the system’s document Drop Zone functionality, including the option to save an entire folder of documents, including subfolders, all at once
  • Improvement and expansion of “Favorites” functionality to include all navigation items, giving individual users the ability to create hyperlinks to the items they use the most

To get your questions answered on this newest release or to schedule an online demo of Legal Files 11.0, contact the Legal Files Sales Department at or (800) 500-0537.