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Managing what matters with legal software for government

You’ll find that there are many types of government legal departments. In fact, they exist at all levels of government and across many types of government agencies. You can find legal professionals in federal, state, city, local and tribal government. This is just one reason it’s important to select versatile legal city government software.

Not only do you find attorneys and paralegals at different levels of government, you’ll discover they handle multiple practice areas. Each department may deal with similar legal issues, but there is also a great deal of diversity. As a result, legal teams need to find a program that offers the flexibility to manage what matters to them.

Legal Files Software offers this versatility and moldability. Here, our team explains what our legal software can bring to a government legal department. We’ll also review how to select the right program for your team.

Legal software for government has all the features for your needs

Although you might be tempted to consider a custom-built solution, it might not be the best option for government legal departments. As government employees, these teams need to be cost-conscious. Custom-built solutions aren’t cheap. In fact, they can often cost more and take longer to deploy than the initial quote would suggest. Not only that, you might have to invest in a new system if your needs or responsibilities change.

Legal Files solves this problem by offering flexible legal software for government. Our program offers a wealth of features that you can customize to meet your unique needs. There’s no need to buy separate software programs for requirements such as document management and reporting. They’re all in one program. Your team can also easily customize Legal Files fields and language within the program without help from IT, enabling you to truly make the program your own.

Another benefit of Legal Files is you can hide features or functions if they are not needed, resulting in a clean and organized interface for your legal department. However, should your needs change, it’s easy to modify the legal department software. With Legal Files, you have the option to begin using additional features and even change the way your team uses the program at any time.

All these benefits of Legal Files essentially allow you to have the best of both worlds. The flexibility means the program performs like a custom-built solution. However, as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) option, the price point is much more reasonable

Selecting the right software for your government legal team

Our team recommends doing a bit of homework before selecting corporate legal software for your government agency. Start by asking your team what tools could help them be more effective in their work. Not only that, you should reach out to other government legal departments to find out what they do and don’t like about their current legal case management software. Word of mouth can be an excellent tool when selecting a software program. Just make sure you look at these recommendations through the lens of your own needs.