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Legal Aid Organizations

Legal Files Software is committed to helping legal aid service providers

Law has always been a noble profession. Attorneys fight for truth and justice every day, and nowhere is this more apparent than in legal aid organizations. Whether it’s a law school legal clinic that’s striving to protect survivors of domestic violence or a legal aid office that’s working with low-income clients involved in landlord-tenant disputes, legal aid organizations exist to help vulnerable populations.

Legal Files Software admires the attorneys, paralegals, and office staff who work every day to help others, and we believe that we have a duty to help these heroes of the legal profession perform this honorable work. As a result, Legal Files Software is committed to providing legal matter management to legal aid organizations that is effective, versatile, and affordable.

Legal aid organizations have unique matter management requirements

Anyone who has worked in a legal aid organization knows that these environments are different from other law firms and legal departments. While legal aid organizations have many of the standard office and matter management requirements, they also have some that are all their own.

In addition to handling email, case information, and research, legal aid organizations also have to meet strict reporting requirements that have been set forth by national and local governing bodies, report on the organization’s activity for fundraising, and handle the constant influx of clients who are seeking legal assistance. It can all be overwhelming.

Legal aid organizations often struggle to find a legal matter management solution that provides case management functions, while also offering features to determine eligibility during client intake interviews and handle reporting for compliance and fundraising purposes.

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Senior Consultant, “Many of our clients at legal aid organizations have tried a number of case management system legal before coming to Legal Files Software. Excel spreadsheets, legal department software, and hosting solutions are some of the most common, but all of them fall short for legal aid providers.”

Legal aid organizations find that Legal Files Software offers everything they need

Legal Files Software is different because it offers customization that is usually only found in custom-built solutions at a price-point that is associated with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Legal aid organizations find that Legal Files Software is an affordable and highly-effective tool for legal matter management, reporting, and client intake.

“At first, clients think that Legal Files Software is too good to be true. They’ve often been burned by other solutions. However, it doesn’t take long for them to see that Legal Files is exactly what they’ve been looking for,” Matt said. “Clients are thrilled to throw out their old system and replace it with Legal Files Software. They only wish that they had found it sooner.”

Legal Files Software is committed to providing the best legal matter management to legal aid organizations – at a reasonable price. Our team is proud to work with the legal professionals who are helping those who need it most.