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Managing a mobile workforce with legal software

In every profession, workers are becoming increasingly mobile. This is especially true for attorneys and paralegals. For example, an attorney might need to access legal software program from the courtroom. Or, a paralegal might need the ability to work from home or from any place outside the office. Legal professionals, especially within a mobile workforce, require unique law manager software with collaboration tools.

For a virtual workforce to function, there needs to be trust and communication. It might seem difficult to establish if people are working in different locations. However, Legal Files Software offers tools that can help make it a success.

Collaboration & communication benefits

Legal departments are more organized and efficient when everyone is communicating and working together. Attorneys, paralegals and staff are dealing with multiple projects, all of which have strict deadlines. Implementing legal software with the necessary collaboration tools keeps everyone on track.

For example, Legal Files provides seamless, two-way integration with many of the top email programs, including Gmail, GroupWise, Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. This ensures that everyone can access important emails, contacts and calendars, no matter where they are.

Our legal software’s collaboration features also include robust document management. Whether an attorney needs to quickly find and retrieve a specific document, or a staff member needs to locate an attachment on an email, it’s available in one place.

Staying secure

When using legal software management with collaboration tools, people aren’t always just communicating with their coworkers. They often need to speak with outside counsel, opposing counsel and clients. In these cases, a legal department doesn’t want to give access to everything.

Legal Files makes it easy and safe to communicate and share information with outside parties. With Legal Files’ portal modes, legal departments can create different types of access. Using our legal software with these unique collaboration tools, teams can provide full or limited access, or set the permission to read-only. Outside parties can only see what they are given permission to view.

Outside parties can also upload relevant documents and enter data on relevant matters. This eliminates the need for endless back and forth emails.

Other tips for managing a virtual workforce

For legal departments that have a mobile workforce, the following tips can also help ensure success:

  • Have a strong on-boarding process: On-boarding sets the tone for new hires and can help establish trust. As a result, legal departments will want to be thoughtful about this process. This could involve bringing the new hire into the office to meet the team or assigning them to a “buddy” to help them learn the corporate culture.
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback: People working remotely can sometimes feel out of the loop. Others may not have a clear idea about how they’re doing. Giving them timely and respectful feedback can help address these issues.
  • Communicate expectations: Employees want to do the right thing. They just need to know what their team expects of them. As a result, it’s important to consistently and clearly let them know the expectations.

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