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Advantage of Customer Service

Customer Service as a Customer Advantage in Legal Matter Management


A legal matter management software vendor is only as good as its customer service

It happens all the time. You buy a product or service that seems like a great value; however, when you have a problem with it, you find that the customer service is lacking. Either you call customer service, but never actually get to speak to a person, or you do speak a real human, but they aren’t able to help you.

Bad customer service is a frustrating problem that no one should have to deal with, especially after they purchase a legal matter management system. However, customers who switch to Law Manager Software often tell our team members that they received ineffective, and sometimes terrible, customer service from other companies. These customers find that Legal Files Software provides a different customer service experience.

The members of the Legal Files Software support team are experts in the product

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Senior Consultant, “One thing that distinguishes Legal Software from the competition is we have real humans answering the phones.” Unlike some of the competitors, when you call Legal Files with a question about our legal matter management system, you will speak with a real person, who is friendly and knowledgeable.

“We have one product, Legal Files Software. It’s customizable and moldable, but it is one product. As a result, the members of our support team are experts in that product. They know Legal Files Software inside and out, because they work with it every day,” said Matt. If you call with a question about a feature of the system, you can feel confident that the person on the other end of the line knows exactly how to help you.

Since our support team is so experienced with Legal Files software, they can uncover and solve other issues during your call. You might call with a question about one specific issue. Then, as the member of the support team solves that problem, they may also be able to identify and resolve a related issue. This type of troubleshooting adds even more value to the customer.

Legal Files Software does not limit how many times you can call for help

According to Matt, “At Legal Files, we encourage customers to call as much as they need to. We encourage questions, so we offer unlimited support calls.” While some competitors might limit calls with a service agreement, Legal Files Software encourages as many calls as it takes for customers to feel comfortable using the legal matter management system.

Legal Files Software believes that limiting the number of calls to the support team isn’t serving the customer at all. Serving the customer involves being accessible to answer questions and resolve issues whenever – and as often as – the customer needs.

“Customers find that our support team has so much tangible value for them. It’s not only a reason for them to buy Legal Files Software, but it also reinforces their decision to keep using it,” said Matt.