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Specific Legal Matter Management

Do-It-Yourself Versus Specific Legal Matter Management

Exploring options for legal matter management

Legal departments tend to fall into two general categories when it comes to selecting a legal matter management software. The first group utilizes a do-it-yourself approach. This group might ask its IT department to create an expensive, custom-built solution or it might piece together an inefficient system using Microsoft Office, paper files and assorted software programs. The other group selects legal matter management software like Legal Files Software.

A comprehensive solution for legal matter management

The team at Legal Files Software works with many prospective clients who are unhappy with their current matter management system. According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “A lot of our clients have tried to build a matter management system using project management software or a system comprised of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and the cloud. They may also have had their IT department create a custom-built program. Nothing is wrong with a do-it-yourself mentality, but a DIY solution won’t be as effective or comprehensive as Legal Files Software.”

A legal department using a do-it-yourself solution for legal matter management is similar to an individual using a software program to write a contract or a will instead of having an attorney write it. “Although it might seem cheaper to use a do-it-yourself solution, such a solution often won’t cover everything a legal department needs. If the system doesn’t work as expected, it may require tailoring and cleanup, which can cost a legal department more time and money,” Matt said.

The benefits of specific legal matter management software

Legal Files Software offers unique benefits over do-it-yourself solutions. According to Matt, “Our team believes that there is a clear benefit to buying a specific legal matter management software such as Legal Files Software.” The software is a multi-user system that can track everything a legal department needs to be more efficient, collaborative and organized. Our clients don’t have to build special features and modules because our team has already built them.

“DIY products have their place, but they can waste time and money if they don’t work. Rather than correct a costly problem later, clients can start with Legal Files Software. Our legal matter management software is flexible and customizable so our team can change it to be what the client needs. There’s no need to build something when Legal Files Software is so customizable,” Matt said.

Sometimes clients will request information about Legal Files Software while they are searching for a legal matter management system. They might think that they can build their own system for less. “These clients almost always return to Legal Files Software for a legal matter management solution because their custom system didn’t work. They may also return to Legal Files Software because their DIY software is no longer compatible with the latest technology. Legal Files Software will be compatible with changes in technology because our team strives to keep our software up to date,” Matt said.

The takeaway message is that Legal Files Software often is the least expensive and most comprehensive legal matter management software in the end.