When Legal Software Serves More Than Attorneys – Part 1 | Legal Files Software


Using legal software can benefit more than legal departments

You aren’t alone if you have the misconception that legal software for attorneys and paralegals. After all, “legal” is right there in the name. However, products like Legal Files Software are simply file and document management systems at their core. As a result, any type of organization or department can use it to manage what matters to them.

That’s exactly what countless Legal Files customers have done. Teams at corporations, universities, hospital systems and government agencies all started using the software just for their legal departments. They quickly discovered the product’s flexibility though, inspiring them to start using it for other tasks within different departments.

This two-part blog series will first discuss how the features of legal case management software can also benefit non-legal workers. The following blog will then dive into some real-life examples.

Thinking of innovative, non-legal uses for matter and case management software

Versatile products like Legal Files can serve as the utility player for your entire organization, which can produce cost-savings. Instead of having to purchase multiple systems to track information and improve productivity, you can buy just one product that’s moldable. By being able to modify the legal document software for attorneys, you can change fields and menus to meet your changing needs over time and alter them to accommodate non-legal issues.

This flexibility can help you do more than just track multiple tasks and projects in a variety of legal and non-legal areas. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Track deadlines and appointments.
  • Manage contracts, documents and emails.
  • Generate comprehensive reports.
  • Organize contacts, notes and research.

These functionalities can help streamline all types of work. After all, the need to keep track of emails and deadlines isn’t just confined to the legal profession.

Having the tools to make legal software modifications

When meeting with new legal customers, our team often hears variations of the same question. “Can this also track [investigations, HR issues, outreach activities, training requirements, etc.]?” Even though these issues are not legal, our software is easily customizable to track them.

In fact, our team even uses our legal software to track our customers’ support requests and other contacts. We aren’t a legal department or a law firm, but the tool still meets our needs.

You might be surprised how easy it is to make legal software work for your team. The program is so user-friendly that you can easily make many modifications. However, if you need a little help, you’re never on your own. Our experienced team can work with you to determine what you need your matter and case attorney management software to do. From there, we’ll make the changes necessary to make it happen.

Our next blog will provide some examples of real-life clients, ranging from an HR department to a university, that are using legal software to meet their unique needs.