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Looking for the utility player

Anyone who is a fan of sports has heard of a utility player–a person who can play multiple positions. This jack of all trades is coveted in sports for his versatility. When a legal department is seeking a new legal matter management software, they are often hoping to find one that is a utility player.

Legal Files Software is a flexible matter management software that functions as the utility player of the legal technology world.

Not a one trick pony

According to Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant, “versatility brings a lot to any team, and our hr contract management software strives to provide clients with a product that can handle multiple tasks for a legal department.”

If an office needs a matter management software that can track deadlines, manage documents and contracts, generate reports, organize vital case information and keep track of people both inside and outside of the office, Legal Files Software can handle it.

“Legal Files has so many uses within an office, which is a relief for our customers. Our new customers are often surprised by the versatility our matter management software provides. Recently, I spoke with a new customer about our software and his eyes lit up. He asked if I thought that Legal Files could handle office management in addition to legal matter management. When I told him that it could, he had a look of relief. His office had found the utility player it had been looking for,” Matt said.

Matter management from Legal Files Software can track important legal information, but it can also keep track of other types of non-legal information. According to Matt, “our software can track projects and forms in the office, HR issues, research and even CLEs. Although these are not legal issues, they are still relevant to legal professionals.”

Making Legal Files Software work for you

Legal Files Software is all-purpose and it can track all types of information–both legal and non-legal. In fact, Legal Files Software uses its matter management to track and manage its own customers. “We certainly aren’t a law firm or legal department, but we still use Legal Files for customer and contract management. Our software is that flexible and easy to customize,” Matt said.

As a utility player, customers can mold Legal Files to become what they need it to be. According to Matt, “Each office can define what they need from their matter management software and then mold it to meet those needs. I’ve been very impressed by the creative and inventive uses that some of our customers have come up with. Their offices even made these modifications on their own because Legal Files is so user-friendly.”

For example, a legal aid organization that was using Legal Files for legal case management, modified the software to also keep track of seminars, special events and outreach activities. “The organization needed to track these non-legal issues and it was able to do so with ease, thanks to Legal Files. Stories like this one prove that our matter management software truly is a utility player,” Matt said.