Empty Conference Room
Why Waiting to Implement Your Legal Matter Management System Could Be Costly

Mounting survey research shows that remote work is likely here to stay long after the COVID-19 crisis passes. Not only […]

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screen diverse faces
How Matter Management Software Improves Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

“In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength.” Famous American poet Maya Angelou was known for quoting these famous […]

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Working Remotely? Matter & Case Management Software Keeps You Connected

Remote work was previously thought of as a “temporary” work option for many legal professionals, but has now become the […]

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5 Tips for Effectively Using Software in Law

Don’t know how to use the legal and case management software? This could become a huge problem in the nearest […]

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graph software
Matter Management Software Benefits Beyond Government Legal Duties

Behind every federal government agency is another equally important state agency working in the background to execute the many responsibilities […]

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University Library
How Education Institutions Use Legal Matter Management

The world of education has changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the switch to online learning for many […]

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Civil Liberties in case managment
How Legal Case Management Increases Effectiveness of Civil Liberties Groups

It is a delicate balance ensuring liberty and security are maintained during unprecedented times. This is the challenge national and […]

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police car
Public Safety, Internal Affairs and Legal Matter Management

The world as we know it has changed amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the rapidly evolving economic climate. Public safety […]

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paper documents
3 Key Elements of Modernizing Your Legal Team Operations

The world has gone digital in every way, from consumer experiences to — yes — even legal processes. Yet, according […]

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Mount Rushmore
3 Examples of How Government Organizations Use Matter Management

Organizations across industries use matter management software in a number of ways, from managing cases, legal files, documents, and email […]

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virtual case management
How Legal Professionals Manage Matters Remotely

By now, many of us are quite familiar with the constructs of working from home, even if we had no […]

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scales of justice
The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Legal Case Management Software

It seems there’s now an app or platform to manage every aspect of our lives, from grocery shopping to doing […]

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hand shake
Consulting Enhances the Benefits of Legal Software – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

Ongoing consulting and support are key to legal software success If you’ve ever bought a new product or gadget, you’ve […]

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cooperation with legal files
Consulting Enhances the Benefits of Legal Software – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

Legal software should include more than just the software system Getting a new product is exciting, especially when it can […]

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The mechanism of thinking
When Legal Software Serves More Than Attorneys – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

Attorneys and paralegals aren’t the only ones who can use legal software In our last blog, we mentioned that there’s […]

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