What difference
What Makes Us Different as a Legal Matter Management Provider

Learn about the Legal Files Software difference Not every legal matter management provider is the same. Each company might advertise […]

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what different with others
How Is Our Legal Matter Management Software Different?

Legal Files Software isn’t like other legal matter management programs If you’re looking for legal matter management software, you know […]

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Promoting security
Legal Matter Management – Promoting Security and Compliance | Legal Files Software

The importance of keeping legal information secure Legal practitioners have access to so much information, a great deal of which […]

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Legal case traning
A Look at Legal Files Training and Consulting | Legal Files Software

There’s no need to dread training Does just about anything sound more appealing than sitting through a training session? When […]

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staying on top
Staying on Top of FOIA Requests | Legal Files Software

Responding to FOIA requests can be a full-time job Any attorney who works for a government agency is likely familiar […]

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legal explore
Exploring Legal Investigations Software | Legal Files Software

Keeping legal investigations organized is critical to success Investigations is a broad concept, and it involves both legal and non-legal […]

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legal operations
Legal Operations for Municipal Lawyers | Legal Files Software

Municipal lawyers need versatile and moldable legal operations software Municipal lawyers work at all levels of government. In fact, the […]

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universities management
Legal Operations for Universities and Colleges | Legal Files Software

Universities and colleges have a unique set of needs for legal operations No legal practice is exactly like that of […]

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steps in legal cases
8 Steps for Implementing Successful Legal Operations – Part 2 | Legal Files Software

By Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant In the previous blog post we discussed legal operations as a buzz […]

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legal operations case
8 Steps for Implementing Successful Legal Operations – Part 1 | Legal Files Software

By Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant Have you noticed that more attorneys are using the term legal operations? […]

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Legal goverment management
Legal Matter Management for the Government and Public Sector | Legal Files Software

By Matt Ryan, Legal Files Software Senior Consultant Managing what matters in public sector legal departments Every legal professional faces […]

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Legal project management
Steps for Successful Implementation to Improve Project Management | Legal Files Software

The first step is realizing the need for matter management Public sector legal departments are bustling with activity, but attorneys […]

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Shoping matter management
Comparison Shopping to Find the Best Matter Management | Legal Files Software

It can be difficult to find the best matter management People have many choices with everything in life, including legal […]

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Search software for investigation
Matter Management Software for Investigations | Legal Files Software

Subject matter experts handle large amounts of information Through investigations, accident reconstructions and forensic engineering, subject matter experts provide insight […]

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Сase management software utility
The Utility Player of Matter Management Software | Legal Files Software

Looking for the utility player Anyone who is a fan of sports has heard of a utility player–a person who […]

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