Management Software Implementation
Defining a Successful Matter Management Software Implementation | Legal Files Software

Change is never easy, but Legal Files Software eases the transition Two things are true about change. The first is […]

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The basic matter management
The Basics as the Foundation for Best Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Building a solid foundation for best matter management In some ways, learning to use a matter management system is a […]

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Help with legal matter management
Asking for Help with Legal Matter Management | Legal Files Software

 Everyone needs a little help sometimes Most people and legal departments experience some hiccups or growing pains when they switch […]

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Management Enterprise Solution
The Legal Matter Management Enterprise Solution | Legal Files Software

All organizations have specific and general needs that vary by department In a sense, organizations are living things. They’re always […]

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Data Mining Management
Legal Matter Management and Data Mining | Legal Files Software

Making the most of your data  Legal departments work with mountains of documents and data every day. All of this […]

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Saving time for legal departament
Saving Time on Reporting with Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Legal departments need to save time wherever they can A modern legal department is a busy place where attorneys and […]

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Clutter-Free Desk
Matter Management for a Clutter-Free Desk | Legal Files Software

Many legal departments are overwhelmed by too much paper Although workplaces are seeing a push to go paperless, many legal […]

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Implementing Management Software
Implementing Matter Management Software | Legal Files Software

It’s important to select the right software  Although legal departments share some similarities, each one is unique. Each department has […]

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“Wait-Loss” Program
Matter Management as a “Wait-Loss” Program | Legal Files Software

Matter Management as a “Wait-Loss” Program. Effective time management is critical in the legal profession  Attorneys, paralegals and staff in […]

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Workflow in Matter Managemen
Defining Roles for Workflow in Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Organization and well-defined roles are key in a legal department  Legal departments are always bustling with activity. Requests for legal […]

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Collaboration Tool
Legal Matter Management as a Collaboration Tool | Legal Files Software

Collaboration increases efficiency in a legal department Everyone knows that offices are more efficient and organized when employees and other […]

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Cutting Costs Management
Cutting Costs with Legal Matter Management | Legal Files Software

Legal departments around the country are looking for ways to cut costs As the legal profession grows more competitive, legal […]

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Law Office Management Tool
Law Office Management Tool | Legal Files Software

It can be difficult to keep a busy law office organized Attorneys, paralegals, and support staff must complete a number […]

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Document Assembly
Legal Matter Management with Document Assembly | Legal Files Software

Legal Matter Management with Document Assembly Document assembly can save time and increase productivity Creating documents is a part of […]

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Death of the Billable Hour
Legal Matter Management and the Death of the Billable Hour | Legal Files Software

The Death of the Billable Hour and the Need for Better Legal Matter Management. Law firms are moving away from […]

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